Problem with Venue - Finnstown Hotel

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Upset Bride Posts: 3
Hi, I am getting married in Finnstown this year.. I am very upset about the reports in the media recently and also last year. I don't know whether to cut my losses or hope it will be ok on the day. Anyone else in the same boat as me? O:|
mof1976 Posts: 25
I'm in the same boat! Wedding in June, I am concerned about the past incidents, but at this stage I have to stick with it.
Upset Bride Posts: 3
My wedding is in May and I am looking elsewhere at the moment which isn't ideal (very stressful). I am really unhappy with a good few things. Have you spoken to them?
mof1976 Posts: 25
No I haven't spoke to them. My h2b doesn't think there is any point. Do you think you will be able to get an alternative venue?
mof1976 Posts: 25
No I haven't see spoken to them have you?. My h2b doesn't think there is any point. Do you reckon you will get an alternative venue?
bridgie32 Posts: 49
Hi everyone, really sorry you are having these problems at this stage . . .My best friend is thinking of booking here for 2016. We were only talking about it on Friday night! What kind of problems are you having? I would hate her to get stung. . . thanks
mof1976 Posts: 25
It got some bad press last week and an incident also last year
Upset Bride Posts: 3
@mofl1976 No we haven't spoken to them yet but we will be speaking to them. Just want to see what our options are first. There are a lot of wedding fairs on today so it's going to be busy! We are just not comfortable with everything that has happened the past year. @bridgie32 I don't really want to get into it on an open forum, but search Finnstown house news on google. There has also been a lot of communication issues. Just very disappointing and we are very upset as it's an absolutely beautiful hotel.
Laura 1984 Posts: 190
We are stayin here the day after the wedding as our venue is private , my bro in law only told me about what happened i think it's in the paper , I don't know I prob would be stressed if I was getting married here but maybe it'll be ok it's meant to be a lovely hotel other than that I know a few people who stayed here
30something Posts: 644
I'm sure security has been increased since the bomb scare. I don't think news of the recent searches made it outside the tabloid press. The gardai said the events weren't linked. I wouldn't stress about it.