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orangerose Posts: 76
Can somebody please help me quick? Im tryn to order a veil from and cant get d order processed, when i get as far as d checkout i enter all my details and then it tells me the memory is gone. it asks for a username and password and that seems to be causing the problem, can somebody who has ordered from here before tell me what to do? need to get veil ordered in the next day or two! PLLLLLLLeeeaaaaaassseeee heeeeelllllllllllppppp!!!!!!! O:|
ozypozy Posts: 2950
I ordered mine from here yesterday and it worked fine so don't know what the problem could be. maybe send them a mail and ask them if they have problems with other accounts? I had emailed them with a query last week and they replied really quickly. maybe if you ring them they could process it on the phone for you?
orangerose Posts: 76
Thanks, sent them an email the same time as i posted this topic and they replied straight away, i had to enter 0000 as the postcode, then it worked! How long is it taking the orders to arrive if you ask for crystals to be put on the veil? Theyre so much better value than the shops, double the price for mine in the bridal shop and they didnt have the exact colour i wanted either!!