Processional: song or instrumental?

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teapotty Posts: 2085
We have an amazing soprano friend singing at our wedding- would it work if the processional is her singing Nella Fantasia? Or is something instrumental nicer? I kinda want to show her off from the beginning!! Also are people having same music for bms and themselves or two different tunes? Was thinking Pachabel Canon for bms and Nella Fantasia for me- too much going on????
carafara Posts: 78
not too much at all!!!! I'm having Gabriel's Oboe for BMs and Canon in D for me!!...which is the same bar lyrics!!.... :heartbeat: :heartbeat: :heartbeat: those songs!!! i say show off all u like!!!! [url=] [img:2fkpssph];10766;116/st/20110708/e/Our+Wedding/dt/-18/k/17e1/event.png[/img:2fkpssph] [/url]
luckyladee Posts: 2550
I kinda think instrumental is better for the processional. To be honest all eyes will be on you at this point so she won't be listened to properly anyway. She'll make much more of an impact if you wait for her to sing until after this part.
Ryan Morgan Posts: 135
Nella Fantasia as a song works very well as a processional. Strophic songs (verse-based with a repeating melody and no chorus) are probably the best for a processional as they can be cut at regular points to match when the bride reaches the top of the aisle. There's nothing worse than a bride reaching the top of the aisle and everyone having to wait 2 minutes for the whole song to be finished. Also, having separate music for the bms is just a matter of taste, but it definitely becomes more viable if you have a large number of bms/flowergirls and if you are in a church with a long aisle. Just make sure that the bms know to walk slowly and not pound down the aisle. Ryan