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Sunshowers Posts: 13
Hi girls, Firstly, I'm sorry for the not so nice topic! I have recently been found to have a prolapse of the uterus. My GP was a little stumped as I have no children and obviously it is far more common in women who have been through childbirth. I am due to get married next year and now have all these questions going around in my head like will I be able to have children etc... Just wondering if any of you ladies have been through something similar and how long did it take to feel yourself again. At the moment I'm too nervous to get up to any extra curricular activity with my Fiancé as I'm afraid I'll do more damage (though GP said it should be fine) Am I over thinking it? I have my first physio session tomorrow so I'm sure I'll be given some advice then but interested to hear from anyone who has gone through this themselves particularly anyone who has not yet had any children. Thanks a mill
MayPrincess Posts: 48
Hi Sunshowers, I recently suffered a uterine prolapse after my second baby. I got a terrible fright, however I got seen by a physio straight away and like yourself I was really worried about whether or not I could have more children, whether I could dtd. However physio really put my mind at ease. Dtd actually helps push the prolapse back up( although it wont stay up). A prolapse does not affect your ability to have children. If you fall pregnant your uterus goes back into place until after you have given birth, but the probability of it prolapsing again is high as there is a weakness there. I am currently on a treatment plan of pelvic floor exercises which can take months for any improvement. If the exercises don't strengthen my pelvic floor I will be fitted with a pessary( tampon like) which holds womb in place, but has to be taken out for dtd. I am not allowed to do any heavy lifting or any strenuous exercise or get constipated. Hope this helps. X