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Cassie08 Posts: 19
Hi anyone know any websites for viewing Pronvias 2007? Thanks
oona Posts: 209
pronovias website defo had 2007 collection.
Cassie08 Posts: 19
Yeah but they now only appear to have 2008. I tried on a 2007 dress at weekend but lady wouldnt tell me name of dress so trying to track it down. Any help appreciated. Thanks
oona Posts: 209
can u post a picture of it i might know the name
oona Posts: 209
Try this site ... 4&c=104210
kitty7 Posts: 26
Hi Cassie, The Pronovias site only displays the 2008 dresses now. :o( However this site shows Pronovias 2007: (note: there are 5 pages worth which you can navigate through my clicking on 1 2 3 etc at the bottom) You can also view some 2007 dresses on the De Stafford website: I've got a Pronovias - Lorca. They are stunning dresses. Good luck. Hope you find what you're looking for. Kitty.