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MFisc Posts: 3
Hello everyone ! I desperately looking for help. Im planing to propose to my girl Rose at summer, but I dont know what ring I should buy. I found way cheeper [url=]lab created diamond[/url:1a7gjrbc] ring which look rly great for smaller price, second hand - for same amount I can buy not looking so good ring with real natural stone but way smaller. And here I need Your help. Rose is not materialist but im afraid she would feel bad if she finds out this lab created diamond is not natural and I dont know what to do. Mby some of You had experience with that kind of jewelry and mby its not a good choice to buy it :weep
ericaaaww Posts: 3
Hi, Congrats on this big step! Have you heard of Chupi? They do imperfect diamonds, e.g. darker greys/blacks that come with a lovely story behind them. Alternatively have you considered a different stone, e.g. morganite/ruby, etc.? My partner designed my ring from James Allen in the US and chose everything about the stone, band, quality, clarity, etc., so that could be an option for you as you'll be in full control considering what your budget is (plus you get to tell her the lovely story of how you designed her ring yourself!). In regards to what you said about her being upset about it being lab-created - does she place importance in eco-friendly living, etc.? Man-made diamonds are obviously conflict-free which could be something of huge importance to her if she is this way inclined! If this is the case, I think she'd like it. I of course don't know anything about your partner though!