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starzzzz Posts: 1123
Hey all. Im sure there have prob been thread about this before but how did ur H2B ask you all to marry him? or vice versa as im sure are a few out there who asked him? I just love hearing these stories. PS im still wainting on mine :o( I know hes got the ring but hasnt proposed yet so heres hoping its soon :o)ll
moyra-smyth Posts: 511
We had a big argument and i was crying and giving out that he didnt love me any more (i may have had slight PMT at the time!) and next thing he just walked out of the room and came back in about 30 seconds later with a ring and proposed to me...i was gobsmacked!!! I dont think i actually answered for about 10 mins i was in such shock...the poor guy was getting very nervous!! :o0 We were going to paris a few weeks after and he wanted to wait until then to propose but he just felt he had to do it then. The ring was too big so we had to get it re-sized...but he didnt give it to me again until we were on top of the eiffel tower a few weeks later. :xox
Ficidy Posts: 1753
We were in Paris in April and had just been for dinner. It was lashing rain so we decided to go into a nice pub for a few cocktails! We were chatting away about getting married (we had spoken about this before so I knew he was going to ask at some stage) when he got all serious all of a sudden and asked me to marry him. Was a bit surprised as hadn't expected it to happen then and it was kind of a spur of the moment thing. We ordered loads of champagne and got people in the pub to take photos on our camera. He had been warned beforehand not to buy the ring and that I'd like to choose it myself so as soon as we came home we started looking. I ended up getting it made and the day he collected it I came home from work to find roses all the way up the stairs, our song playing, candles everywhere, chocolates, champers - the works... And he was down on one knee with the ring and asked me again... So, I got two proposals, but both from the same man :o0 We're getting married next June :o)ll
quartz Posts: 446
Standing on a packed tube in London. No proposal, no big gesture, no ring...think we just decided to get married. He's a keeper :o0 :o0
april2010 Posts: 344
On my birthday last year, mine gave up alot to travel with me to OZ......we were in cairns for my birthday and he know i was a little disappointed to be there so he got me a helicopter flight over the great barrier reef, it was fab :eek then we landed on a pontoon and were brought over to a boat where we went scuba diving and snorkeling (i saw a nemo fish) i thought it was the best thing in the world until he brought me up on deck and got down on one knee (he didnt know but the whole crew where in with the captain behind tinted glass) and asked me to marry him i just cudnt believe it nearly fell overboard.......then he brought me for a lovely meal that night where i found out he had called my dad the day before to ask him permission :xox i love him so damned much :wv
chaos Posts: 1904
we were going out for 11 years and were going for dinner for our anniversary. i was working late and he rang me to see what time id be home (he never asks) as he had to meet a guy he worked with to get some accessories for our business off him and wanted me to go with him. I got home & he was waiting by the door he rushed me into the car, i was like a bitch as i was cold, wanted a bath and was so tired and only had two hours to get into the restaurant. so went with him, giving out all the way, we were to meet "John" down by the river in a fab spot very special to my family (he didnt know that at the time), there was a few rowers getting ready to go out on the river and "john" was late. so i kept saying text him and tell him you cna meet him at work tomorrow with the stuff. So about 30 mins after we were meant to meet "john" h2b told me he had a pressie for our anniversary in the boot if i wanted to get it. I was still sitting in the car, like a bitch as it was getting late and i had to have a bath, so i said get it yourself, eventually i got out of the car and opened the boot and there was abig baloon with my a ? on it and my ring dangling inside! he got it all on video too! so we went to dinner had champers, chocs for me at home and told our families two days later as my brother was after having his 1st child that week so didnt want to take it from them. "john" was all made up by the way, we were never meeting anyone. the delay was, he was so nervous and wanted the rowers to be gone :o0
HoneyBunz Posts: 197
chaos Posts: 1904
forgot to say, later found out that week that my grand uncle proposd to his wife in the exact same spot 65 years before!!
Shimmer Posts: 207
He brought me to Paris and the second last night we went for dinner then went for a walk around the Seine and the Louvre. I was sitting down taking pictures of the goblins on the Louvre and I felt the camera being taken from my hand and when I looked down he was in front of on one knee. He put the camera down and took my hand and asked me to marry him. I started to cry and couldn't speak I was in shock so he put his hand in his pocket and said 'if I give you a diamond ring would you marry me then' and took out the ring he had chosen. I don't think I said yes for a good 2 or 3 minutes as I was just crying uncontrollably with happiness. It was the best night of my life. While the ring might not have been one I would have chosen myself, everyone says it really suits me and I really like the design but I love it for sentimental reasons. I have never been as happy before as I was that night in Paris, and i'm sure for you it will be just a wonderfully special when it happens.
monkeybear Posts: 1926
My H2B brought me to lake Garda for our 3yr ann/ my birthday, on the 3rd day we hired a speed boat for 2 1/2 hrs, he stopped the boat at one point but later told me he got nervous so decided to move off again.... but he couldnt get the boat started again, we we're in a sort of ferry line, so i was gettin pannicy, we waved at boats but no-one came to us, we rowed but were getting nowhere, eventually i called the coast gurad, and just when i was giving directions H2B managed to start the boat...phew he wanted to stop it again, i freaked told him dont you dare, we'll never get it started again, and of course he did stop the boat, i made him check he could restart it again and then we sat there, He started looking in his bag for food, i was all 'what we didnt bring any food ye eejit' and then, down on one knee he goes with the ring in its box open. I cried couldnt believe it, was so so happy and of course i said yes!! :lvs
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