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Bright Star Posts: 756
On top of the Empire State Building in NY 05th September 06 at Midnight. Overlooking the lights of NY it was amazing....surrounded by tourists but it didnt matter one bit!!! A moment ill cherish forever!! :compress :xox
mrsgameover Posts: 383
Quartz you are a woman after my own heart. First time he asked me was almost three years ago on our way to bed after a friends wedding ( I think the emotion had gotten to him ) This time we had picked our diamond and it had been sent away to be made into our ring. The deal was that the girl in the jewellers would deal with him from there on in so I had no idea when the ring was due or anything so it would be a surprise. The other part of the deal was that he was not to do it until after his party - I had organised a party for his 30th. Now for the really romantic part :yelrotflmaosmilie: The day before his party I was in the kitchen making dinner. In he bounded from work all hyper. In his filthy dirty work gear as I stood at the oven stiring the dinner he came over with the ring on a plate and asked me "any chance"!!!! I looked at him in disbelief and then the two of us started laughing our heads off and bounding around the place like two little kids. To top it all off he finished the dinner while I fielded all the phone calls we got in response to our texts. Ah such an ole romantic story for the grandchildren
missymoo09 Posts: 210
Oh all these stories are bringing a tear to my eye. The H2B brought me to Paris on a surprise break and organised with the boss at the time that he was bringing me away. Never (to be honest) did I think he was actually going to propose in Paris, as we had been together for 8 years and we have been to amazing places so never thought otherwise. Anyways to keep a long story short, on the 2nd day we were there, we went on a tour bus, to the Eiffel Tower and then shopping. He was in a sorta grumpy mood that day and I couldnt get under the skin of him to see what was wrong with him. Well he left me in Lafeyette sighting a headache and told me he would meet me in about an hour at Louis Vuitton (who would have guessed). About 3/4 hour later he rang to say that he was not well and could I go back to the hotel. Within my 10 min walk back, the rain poured down and I was soaked to the skin. Got to the room, it was decorated with red roses and pettals all over the room (he reckon he was fleeced by the florist!!). He then got down on bended knee and I started crying, didnt give an answer for seems like ages lol. Anyway it wasnt the romantic proposal I was hoping for (aka, I am like a drownded rat at that stage) but makes it more memorable.....
signorina_matrimonio Posts: 1297
Crisp morning in Italy after xmas, we started off the morning with a hot chocolate in a small bar and he proposed in the exact spot where we had our first kiss/date in the National Museum of Cinema in Turin .... (showing a picture so you get the atmosphere) [img:1ujyik30][/img:1ujyik30] It couldn't have been romantic if either of us tried I reckon .... :o0
superduperexcited10 Posts: 1468
its so so so so lovely to hear al the mushy stories im an awful h2b did t whilst we were out to dinner in a restaurant....he is a man who doesnt like too much attention but all the same down on bended knee he went with a ring i absolutely adore(right size also) we sat in the restaurat all night drinking champagne.....while on the phone to our family and friends who found it hard to believe as we are going out 8 years..... ive said since the proposal that if i could bottle the emotion i felt that night and sell it....... id be a milionaire but ill glady settle for a long and happy life with my man xx :-8
starzzzz Posts: 1123
hey ladies im loving the stories some real romantic ones, been showing them to other half to hint at him and give him ideas :o0 im awful but frustrations kicking in O:| the knowledge the ring is hidden somewhere. keep the stories coming girls
Relaxedbridetobe Posts: 201
New York! Central Park, in a horse and carriage! and he had the most amazing ring I have ever seen, I still stare at it all day and its a year and half since I put it on my finger! We kept the news to ourselves for a day and then rang everyone the next day from the hotel! I still well up when I think of our special day! I floated down 5th Ave afterwards, I can honestly say I cant remember putting one foot in front of the other!
july09bridetobe Posts: 31
christmas morning, got up to see what santa had brought, opened loads of presents, paper everywhere, and h2b like a child, common and we open some of our presents, I didnt want to but the two of them ganged up on me and i said fine so but only one each, himself goes over and gets my present and dds present from under the tree, we open them and there little matching best friends necklaces, i put on dds necklace on her, and h2b put mine on for me, when i turned around he was down on one knee holding the box, and "will you marry me" i was so shocked, i really wasnt expecting it, for one reason he was still in his boxers :eek and so obvioiusly didnt have any pockets, eventually said yes once i stopped smiling and crying, Turns out he had got up in the middle of the night to hide the box underneath the sofa, We rang my parents at 6.15, put herself on, and she told them what santa had brought, i got a bike and bratz doll and, and, and, and mammy and daddy got engaged, and a scooter, there was bedlum, screaming and roaring down the phone, I couldnt have asked for a more special proposal. :lvs
MGTE Posts: 471
It was my birthday, its was really hot summer's day and I was heavily pregnant with our daughter due a couple of weeks later and I was miserable sitting curled up on the sofa. DS (then 3 and a half) came running it with the recognisable tiffany green box and said mummy this is for you, open it and marry daddy, so took my time delicately opening the white ribbon, unwrapping the paper, opening the tiffany box and taking out the ring box and slowly opened it and it was empty, then DF walked it with the ring and asked me to marry him. It was perfect. We've travelled a lot together and no way I'd have guessed it would have been in my own living room with our gorgeous son and a little girl on the way.
MrsG2b Posts: 1458
We had decided to get married and had picked out the ring and everything. I just did not know when/how he was going to propose. I am so hard to surprise as I normally organise everything - dinners, weekends away etc so if he suggested anything like that I would have been wondering what was going on. I came home one evening and he was showing me the surround sound system that he bought. I went up for a shower and when I came down, he had bought a DVD of a live performance of my favourite song. I had always said that I would only say Yes if this song was playing so when I heard it I was too afraid to move. Next thing he went down on one knee in the middle of the sitting room and produced the ring. It was more beautiful than I remembered and all I was thinking to myself was ' MrsG2B, you need to be a classy chick and not grab the bling out of his hand like a lunatic' so I said yes and took my time opening the box. He said afterwards that he couldn't understand why I had not dived on the box like a mad woman so I guess he knows me pretty well! He had champagne and flowers waiting and it was just perfect - I was really taken by surprise and I am hard to surprise so it was great. I was going to Bon Jovi the next day in Croke Park so he said he proposed the night before so I would have someone to show the ring to as all my family were coming up for the concert. I was thrilled and I spent the whole concert torn between staring at the ring and Jon BonJovi :o0