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Twirler Posts: 1644
In Edinburgh, just before Christmas last year. We were heading over anyway and on our last weekend away I'd organised accomodation so he said he'd do it this time and wouldn't tell me where it was. Got to the hotel, was absolutely fabulous, 5* heaven and he'd booked me into the spa for treatments. Went out for dinner to a gorgeous restaurant and thought then he might be about to propose but he didn't so I assumed I was wrong. Walked back to the hotel and we were standing on Waverly Bridge looking at all the Christmas lights up and he went down on one knee and produced a fabulous ring that I adore. He'd even stolen one of my rings to make sure it fit right. Went back to the room and he had champagne cooling in an ice bucket and a Me to You bear (I love them) sitting waiting. Was extra special because Edinburgh was the first place we ever went away together.
quartz Posts: 446
Anyone fancy swapping blokes? This is depressing :wv
zeus Posts: 553
Im with quartz....any1 fancy a swap :-8 As d'unbelievables wud say "Romance said she - & she cudnt tell the difference between a rose & a bullocks back" :o0 :o0 Thats my H2B down to a tee....unfortunately :o(
starzzzz Posts: 1123
hey girlies at least you's have got ur rings :o(
zeus Posts: 553
To be honest BK and i kno i sound like the biggest whinger EVER but if i had my time back i wudve told h2b no until i got some sort of a "proper" proposal. God i actually sound like a complete b**ch now but am just bein honest >:o)
starzzzz Posts: 1123
how did he ask you MrsM2b10? im refusing to book anything or tell anyone until i have a ring whereas he wants to start booking now! he has the thing why cant he just propose already O:| god i sound like a b*tch there >:o) i know hes trying to make it a suprise but he keeps telling me how hes gonna do it then having to go back to the drawing board :o0
hick Posts: 858
B2B is a nurse and was just after a 2 weeks of night duty and had a few days off, about a week before hand I had dropped a hint saying I had entered a competion on todayfm that day, 2 days later I posted a letter from work (so I could get the frank stamp on it) and it arrived at our house the next day, I had put the todayfm logo on the envelope and the letter. B2b told me there was a letter for me and I had to pretend not to know what it was about! I read out the letter to her saying that we had won a night away in Ashford Castle in a superior suite (what a room!!) with dinner and Spa massages for two. I had also put in a line saying it had to be done on a particular date and could not be exchanged, making it a no brainer to go! Shock horror B2B turned around and said she wasn't feeling up to it after the night duty, and maybe we'd give it a miss! Eventually after her mum talked to her she agreed to go (i'd asked their "[i:2o68h9oo]permission[/i:2o68h9oo]" a few days earlier). By the time we were up there she was glad she went as it was such a beautiful setting. I had the staff in on the plan and they were brilliant, various staff kept coming up and asking if we were enjoying our prize even in the spa they reminded her there was no charge as the "radio station" (me!) was picking up the tab. At 6 o'clock the front reception rang the room and asked if we could come downstairs for a photo for the radio web page, b2b said there was no way her pic was going up on the internet, but I said I'd do it but would she come down with me for company. We were usherd by the hotels MD into a beautiful little room with a beauytiful inglenook wooden fireplace looking out over the lake. On the table was a humongous bunch of flowers I had ordered in and a bottle of Champagne they closed the door over and said the photographer would be in momentairly. B2b was looking around saying this was fab and when she looked back I came clean I said "listen there was no competition, remember last week when I was away on business well I was down with your parents ... will you" I never got to finish, she burst into tears and said "yes" Pretty chuffed how the whole thing went...hope that was dramitic enough for yis :o0
zeus Posts: 553
Men eh :o0 Basically we were just swannin around the shops one day & he was super quiet & actin all weird & lookin at me funny if ya get my drift!! So i was biting his head off about him being moody & why was he off & he just blurted out that he thought we should get engaged! We then went lookin for rings & that was it! I thought twas just an "Irish men" thing until i read this post.....never knew what i was missin ;o(
MrsG2b Posts: 1458
Hick - that was some proposal!!! She must have been thrilled when she went back to work and was telling all her friends. I would say all the men folk were not happy with you as you made them look bad!!
hick Posts: 858
yeh usually the girls are pretty impressed but the lads mostly act the same way "ye [email protected]" and such :o0 She was pretty flabergasted, never expected it, knew it was gonna happen but thought it was way off, we got the ring a week later, cos I knoew she wasn't the solataire type and she loved being able to tell the story cos it was a unusual one