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starzzzz Posts: 1123
bump :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll
sillymoo Posts: 337
mine wasnt a bit romantic, we were out and having an argument but mid argument he just blurted out but i wanna marry you, will ya marry me! I thought he was taking the mick but a couple of weeks later he brought me to our favourite place and he got down on one knee and asked again! Pity i nearly ruined the moment by giggling to myself
hectic Posts: 528
Ah they're lovely stories! Well myself and the other half had talked about it from very soon after we got together. I knew that he would propose at some stage but i always thought that he would let something slip and i would know when the time was coming.....but he didn't. he told me he was taking me up to dublin last december for me to choose one of my xmas pressies......i'm thinking 'off we go to bt's to get me a lovely designer bag'! so we went for breakfast in a really nice place that morning and he told me he had brought me to dub under false pretences......i thought 'here we go, he has to go to work and wants me to amuse myself around the shops for a few hours'......then he blurted out that he had made an appointment to see a diamond expert as he wanted to buy an engagement ring.....i cried like a baby in the restaurant.....i was in such a state of shock.....but good shock! we ordered the ring that day and had it in time for xmas to make the announcement......AND he brought me up to stay in the morisson over the xmas and bought me the much longed for designer bag! It really was the most magical day.....we walked through stephen's green hand in hand in a daze......i'll never forget it
starzzzz Posts: 1123
hey everyone he finally asked me on friday. had the ring in a kinder egg! and got down on one knee while i was opening it :o0 had a wee note with instruction on how to put the ring on in the egg. :o0 :o0 so excited :o)ll :xox
ohsotired Posts: 7071
[quote="bk2012":vbmcqleo]hey everyone he finally asked me on friday. had the ring in a kinder egg! and got down on one knee while i was opening it :o0 had a wee note with instruction on how to put the ring on in the egg. :o0 :o0 so excited :o)ll :xox[/quote:vbmcqleo] Don't want to sound like a moo cow but how did you know he was going to propose to you? And if you knew - i.e. it was planned - then why the big surprise??? Again apologies - I am not trying to be a cow but don't understand... that's all! :wv Either way: CONGRATS!
starzzzz Posts: 1123
i knew he had got the ring cause he let it slip so i was kinda playing the waiting game. but he did actually manage to supirse me being propsed to while watching charmed in your pjs with a kinder egg is just never gonna be expected lol :o0
the winner Posts: 4148
We were in new york in Febuary, (valentines week) we were there for 6 nights , on the 2nd last day i was realllly pissed off, (Ive a 6 yr old son and its the longest I was ever away from him and was finding it really hard) we went for a walk in central park , it was freezing cold and there was lots of people ice skating.... I was as grumpy as anything then my son phoned me and i was cheered up, H2B said can we stop walking for a min to look at the lakes and I was like ok so we stopped on this bridge [img:nzvpmsmv][/img:nzvpmsmv] and he popped the question, I cried for about 10 minutes and could not even answer him , poor man just said are u happy or sad hahahah i was slightly emotional that day :D Were getting married in a 11 months and were 2gether 2 yrs last week:D and i have to say i have never been happier and never thought id meet someone like him:D im a very lucky gal:D
CiaraH Posts: 3
This is my first post.... 2 days aftr our second anniversary we got into his car to go to a hurling match, he said i have something for you and he handed me a box.... i opened it and there was a ring in it, but not the one i had imagined, it didnt dawn on me that it was one of my own costuem jewellery rings until he handed the real one to me and said "will you marry me".... i cried and said yes!! some of those other stories seem so romantic compared to ours, but at least he asked me and the real ring was the type i had always dreamed of............. :lvs
the winner Posts: 4148
I think the simple fact that these men ask us to be their missus is the most romantic thing ever, no mater where or how they do it... its an amazing feeling to know someone loves and cares for u so much:D
newyear09wife Posts: 899
We had talked about marriage and knew that someday we would marry. I had no idea whatsoever that he was planning it. This is how it happened: he got up on valentines morning and went to work as usual. He rang me a couple of times that day .... which was unusual but not suspicious. i had already told him we could have a nice dinner that evening and I would cook as my mum had agreed to take our two girls for the evening. At about midday a huge bunch of red roses arrived and i immediately rang him to thank him without having opened the card or anything.. he seemed a bit panicked and kept asking when they arrived and I kept saying just this minute .. eventually he asked had i read the card... i hadnt... so he told me to hang up and go do it so i did... The first card had a little rhyme on it asking did I wanto find my real present... and leading me to a hiding place in his bedside locker.. there was another card and it led me to another and this went on for a total of six cards.. eventually i arrived at a little gift bag hidden behind the tv in the living room.. I was shaking but still had no clue... i hesitated and picked up my phone to call him before opening it... and heard his phone ringing he was walking thru the front door.. all dressed up smart... (and here was me on My knees in my tracky bottoms on our living room floor.....) he said did you open it? I said not yet... he said go on and so i tore open all the wrapping to find my beautiful engagement ring to which i started crying and he joined me on my knees on the floor as i was shaking too much to stand and he said " well will you marry me then?" Of course I said yes and here we are organising our big day! It turns out that he had planned it twice before but had to postpone plans as family stuff had happened so valentines day turned out to be just perfect for us