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bubblybride2010 Posts: 1490
on a hot air balloon over the desert in Dubai at sunrise, with the most perfect ring he picked himself :wv
babynumber1 Posts: 282
great to hear that the men are so romantic! we were in newyork on hols. H2B had asked me a when we got there what i really wanted to see as we had only a few days. i told him i really wanted to walk around central park before we left. i didnt think any more of it. sooo then 2 days before we were due to go home we went to central park and spent most of the day there. H2B suggested that we hire a little boat and going rowing for an hour or so. i said no becuase he is afraid of water and i thought he was only doing it to please me but he insisted. it was fab and afterwards we strolled around. H2B got some pictures taken of the 2 of us which was also unusual for him as he has to be begged to pose for a photo.. we eventually sat down on a nice quite spot for a while laughing and joking and i sais to him we should go or we will miss the bus back. he kept saying we wil wait a while longer. everntually he asked me to marry him. he was so nervous but i just cried. he didnt know if i was happy or sad. i was in shock for the rest of the evening. we went to a lovely little italian restaurant beside the hotel and went shopping the next day for the ring. we didnt tell anyone till we got home and they were delighted. we had being going out for 6 years but it was still as surprise to everyony. he later told me he wanted to propose when we were out rowing but he was too worried about falling into the water if he moved :L:L :lvs :xox
NY07 Posts: 90
A Thursday night, Home from work, wrecked, called me into kitchen, i walked in dragging my feet, O:| he handed me a piece of paper which was actually first class tickets to NYC for the next moring!!!!.....still didnt register with me, DUH!! then I was like "whats going on" :ooh he said "your ring is waiting in New york, we need to go collect it!" I was still startled, Ring.....New York...what??? :eek Everyone knew this was going to happen bar me!!! it was really cute cuz he planned the whole thign without a hitch and usually cant keep a secret from me to save his life! Bless his lil heart! :xxx P.s he had time off sorted with work and even got me to get my nails done earlier that week, he called the nail technician and asked her to get me to salon to get my nails done, she told me she needed to practice something new on me and thats how i got my nails done without suspecting! it was all done down to a tee!!! A whirlwind weekend I'll never forget!
idonno-1 Posts: 60
I was with my fella nearly 8 years (since we were 16) and we just had our first baby a few months before and he suggested that we take a holiday together, spend some time alone together and I said no as didn't think we could afford it. A few weeks later he surprises me with tickets to crete (but I didn't really want to go on as didn't want to leave baby). But went anyway, we were all excited when we arrived. Just made it on time to have a few drinks in the hotel bar before it closed (3a.m.). When bar closed place was so quiet we strolled around to the pool which was lovely all lit up and he got down on one knee and proposed. Total shock to me, never discussed getting engaged, he picked the ring himself (not what I would have picked but close) and picked the size (which fitted), couldn't believe he did all this himself. We spent the rest of the week celebrating. We are married nearly 5 months now and together 11 years.
Gidz Posts: 290
Christmas Eve morning at 8.45am in our sitting room. I was finishing off packing my bags to go home to my family for a couple of days over xmas. He had just givin me this cardboard box wrapped in paper with socks and bath salts and Jeans and top. It was lovely but i was like EH! 6 yrs and this is the best he could do. So he put his bag in his car and came back in to give me a kiss goodbye, I was still packing (deciding wat shoes id bring wit me O:| ) and when i turned around he was down on one knee and asked me! He's a keeper!! :thnk Im all teary reading this thread!
Dir Posts: 351
We are orgaining our wedding .. but we dont know who is going to ask who yet !!! :xxx
a_happier_me Posts: 112
H2B and I were as some would call...'Internet Sweethearts'... I'm American and was living in Iowa, USA. H2B is born and raised Irish. We'd dated 'online' for about 6 months. He came to the states to visit me, and we knew from then, that what we knew to be true feeling online, were true feeling in the flesh. I moved to Ireland 3 months later (that was May 2006). He actually proposed to me in my own home in the states. I wasn't really shocked when he asked me, because I knew what we'd found in each other is what we'd been looking for for a very long time. This is the 2nd marriage for the both of us, and knew from the day we first started chatting, things that we did, and didn't want in a relationship, and neither of us was affraid to express those expectations. :lvs Our pasts mirrored each others almost to a tee. It was almost a given that we'd get married...It was only a matter of time. :o)ll Seemed so long to wait....2 1/2 years ago...and now, we can count the days. :xxx
hunnymonster Posts: 725
Some lovely stories here. Good to see there are some romantic guys out there. We only got engaged last week. He swam across the English Channel (we're both into sport in a big way) and I was his crew/support for the crossing. It was quite difficult towards the end as he tired. When we got him on dry land and warmed up, I joked that the least he could do for the ordeal he had just put me through was marry me. He blushed (not easy when you're hypothermic) and said, actually there is a ring waiting for you back home and then asked me to marry him. I really know what I like so was very worried about the ring he might have chosen (don't tell the bride style!) but the boy did good. He got it specially designed using the metal I used in my doctorate degree and a design that is bomb-proof for all the adventure sports we do.
MilkyMoo Posts: 142
well my h2b isn't the romantic type at all!! He always said he didn't see the point in marriage and that we didn't need a piece of paper to prove we loved each other. I was of the same mind (but always had dreamed of a white wedding when I was younger), until I had my 2 daughters. I jokingly asked him a couple of years ago, and he told me not to be daft!!!!! But this year, the day before my birthday, he asked me what I wanted. We've just moved into our own house, so I told him to get something practical, like the back garden finished. he said that wasn't really a present for me - so he guessed he'd have to get the engagement ring. I thought I'd heard wrong and asked him to repeat it - he started blushing and said I had heard him first time, he wasn't repeating it, and I better decide before he went out and bought me a voucher for clothes or something!! I just stated to hug him - our daughters thought ewe were mad! So we've decided on Lanzarote, 29 09 09!!! Loved reading all your romantic stories!!!!!!!!
foxxxygrace Posts: 33
Aww i was just reading all of those and thought they were all so fab. Here's mine! No trips abroad, but it was lovely, and I wouldnt have wanted it any other way!!! He and I had had a HUGE fight, and in all of our 5years together before that, we had never had such a terrible fight. It was horrible, and we were both in floods of tears during and after. The evening after the fight, i was home late from picking up the twins from creche and he had txt to say he'd make dinner, so i grabbed a bottle of wine we could have when the kids were alseep. When i got in the door, and kids fed and put to sleep a little later, he had dinner ready, so i came to dining room and he had lots and lots of tealights in the sitting room leading through to dining room and there he was sitting by the table, with a lovely meal prepared and on my place setting was a little red box, with a ribbon around it..i opened the box and inside was his mothers engagement ring!! It was a wonderful most perfect proposal for me, and made even more special by the lovely ring, which i had admired previously. Not long now until we get married, and I can't wait til he's my mister and im his missus!!