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the winner Posts: 4148
Awww we got engaged last year, valentines week, apparently I had warned him never to ask on a cheesey day lol so he waited til the 18th .. bless his cotton socks... Getting married in September... time is flying by so fast.. .. i :lvs NYC
D2010 Posts: 181
my h2b is not the most romantic but i loved his proposal. we had the ring for over a year and had intended to get engaged on a few occasions but things always came up. so we decided to put the ring away for a while, he was advised not to use it for the usual birthday/valentine etc so i left it up to him to surprise me. i finished 7 nights of night duty on new years eve morning and was off for a few days so we planned a house party that night and friends and family where coming for a new years party. when i came home from work that morning there was a big bunch of flowers and a santa clause figurine sitting on our kitchen table. next to it was a lovely note saying look what santa brought from the north pole (my ring was sitting in the box next to santa) and will you marry me, and not to upset santa by saying no this time. it was lovely.. only down side was he had to go to work himself but only until lunch time so i was on my own so i rang him straight away and said yes. he told me he'd made an appointment for me to get a massage and manicure that morning.. so i had a quick sleep, headed for my lovely massage and manicure and came home and he was waiting for me. he went down on his knee and asked aagain (probably to be sure i actually said yes). it was so lovely. we called friends and family that wouldnt be at the party to tell them the news. they where over the moon and when everyone started coming for the party we told them. so we had a joint new years and engagement party.. its lovely we have santa to bring out each year as a little keep sake of when he proposed. i took pictures and kepthis note. these stories are great :thnk
Welsh goddess Posts: 370
Well mine is a sort of funny story From the day we met I knew he was the one so we had spoke about getting married etc. We had an argument one night because he didnt come home after work and wouldnt tell me where he was so in the middle of the argument he blurted out that he had gone to pick out my engagement ring and pay a deposit for it then had gone to my parents to ask their permission. So i knew he was going to propose but didnt know when. On the day of our sons christening everyone seemed a little odd but I didnt think much of it. When the cake came out and H2B thanked everyone for coming and thanked me for giving him a lovely son then told everyone he had planned on askin me to marry him that day but my ring wasnt ready. So I had to wait. A week later we went shopping on Friday night as normal however we were going to my parents house after for dinner. So H2B dropped me at my parents on the way back (5 mins from my house) and went home to put away the shopping. A few minutes later I got a phone call from H2B to say I was to come home really quickly as there was something wrong with my dog. He said he thought she was dead cos she was just lying there. I ran around expecting to find my beloved dog dead and when I ran in he had a bunch of roses and the ring laid out on the table (there was nothing arong with the dog so I didnt know whether to kill him or say yes!!! :o0 ) In the end I said yes but asked why he had said the dog was dead. He said " I didnt know what else to say to get you home because if I said there was something wrong with the washing machine you would have sent your dad round :o0 )
ddesmond Posts: 457
on the side of a cliff (thank god i said yes he might have pushed me off :o0 ) i had always said i wanted to be proposed to @ the head of kinsale on this particular spot which he remembered - although a friend of my dad's congratulated me on the way there that we had gotten engaged - never saw H2B go so white!! Ok surprise was gone but not dad had asked us to collect golf clubs from the club down there - still thought thats why we were going there and that he was going to propose that night, but still all romantic and a wonderful day!! eve 2002!! Getting married in 2 months :o)ll
pet Posts: 157
[img:26r6w6q6][/img:26r6w6q6] Spelt it out in stones (as in pic!) down on one knee on our favourite beach in Kerry with the perfect ring he'd picked himself! :lvs :lvs :lvs
HighMaintenance26 Posts: 2303
16 January 2009, H2B and i went for a walk on Narin Beach in Donegal, this is where we normally take our horses on a Friday and Saturday evening for a hack on the beach before the tide comes in, but this time we went for a walk on the Friday afternoon. We went over to the rockery and there was a few ducks and i was looking at them, H2B told me he'd be back in a few mins he had to find somewhere to go to the bathroom, he came back and we started walking back then in big letter he had wrote in the sand Will You Marry Me and a big heart around it, i still hadn't copped on it was for me i just said how romantic that guy was to do something, and the he said that's defintely the blonde coming out in you, the proposal is for you, i was gobsmacked. i turned around and loked at the big heart again then when i turned to face him he was down on 1 knee with the ring in its little box. I always knew we would get married but never thought for a minute he would propose so soon or like that. so of course i said yes and he had the engagement ring as well, and he picked perfectly.its exactly the type ring i would have picked myself.
the winner Posts: 4148
Soooo romantic :D :xox
bridesmaidzilla Posts: 1859
On Christmas Morning 08,in my parents' garden with our dogs,he got down on one knee in the muck and everything!!These stories are so romantic!!
seans missus Posts: 1381
It was Saturday, 13th May 2006. I was in college in London. My boyfriend was over visiting for the weekend so we were in Waxy O'Connors. He said to me I have to ask you something. I said what and when I looked around I couldnt see him. I saw him on the ground and thought he had fallen. I couldnt hear what he was saying because the place was jammed. He got up and asked me again. I said no coz you didnt do it properly-only messing and he got down on his knees again and asked me. I said yes!!! I stopped the police that night and told them too. Hadnt a clue he was going to ask me because we were only together 1 and a half years. Cant wait to marry him.
JellySnakes Posts: 2201
All of these stories are so romantic :lvs My H2B hasnt got a romantic bone is his body his idea of a proposal was....... We were in Cork for a bit of shopping and as we passed a jewellers he said "will we" and i said "go on sure" :o0