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mrsmac2b Posts: 56
we had bn goin out about 16 mths. when he came home from work i was sitting on the bedroom floor rooting under bed for a shoe, when he kneed down beside me and i asked why are you shaking(not great thing to say i now know). he said would you make me the happiest man in the world, then got the ring he had spent all day picking out and put it on my finger. then after i said yes he told me that before he asked me he had asked my 2 girls aged 11&7 if he could marry their mammy. lucky for me they said yes. we set the date soon after that .so its just under 6 mths now till we become family :lvs
Leftbank Posts: 2395
I love these stories i am such a softie have had tears running onto the key board now. Mine happened Valentines Weekend 2009. We were done in Killarney, just had our dinner and he announced we should go for a walk i was like ah forget it, its pitch dark and freezing cold, he persuaded me and am i glad he did,he had load of tea lights on a pathway lighting up walk way down to the gazebo, my fav flowers in a vase, champers on ice and him on his knee with my amazing diamond all picked, still get emotional telling story. So mad about him
kittypurry Posts: 897
27/07/07 2 days after we came back from egypt (which he treated me to as a surpise after my leaving cert, he said i needed a holiday) we went for a walk in the park where we first got to know one another as friends, he took his jacket off and put it around my shoulders (as he usually always does when i'm cold), i said what did you do that for i'm not cold but soon enough forgot about it as i was yapping away to him. one subject led to another and then led to marriage. we'd spoken about it a good few times before but never thought he would do it so soon (we were just over a year and a half together then). i said i could never imagine myself with anyone but you. he said " well how about marrying me then?" i start laughing because i thought he was joking and he said "are you gonna give me an answer?". then he put his hand into the pocket of the jacket he had put on me and took out the box with the ring in it. i said yes of course i being the hopeless romantic that i am started crying and wouldnt stop for ages. he had bought the ring in the airport in egypt just before we were about to fly home but i didnt see him buying it as i was in a different shop. i love how he did it because it was the little things that are special to us :xox :xox :xox
cookies_gal Posts: 450
Loving the stories wollies!!!! Mine was my 30th Bday weekend- we had a party here (he organised) and he brought me to New York next day, booked an amazing hotel and for my actual bday he had a champagne picnic all arranged in Central Park. That morning he got dressed into a shirt for some strange reason - saying all his T-shirts were dirty (I know y'all might think.....hint hint dozy BUT it was my birthday and I'm all about being the bday attention seeker so paid him no attention :o0 :o0 ) Had a fab picnic with a few bottles of mini Moet ( before the big R came along :o0 ) I had only said how perfect a day it was sun shining, it was my bday, we were in NY and we had been happily living in our new house almost a year....................I look around and he's on his knee saying something.......neither of us can really ended with the big question & I bawled my eyes out. Really surprised the sh*t outta me. Been 2gether 4 years and we were best mates for 4 years before that but it wasn't on our agenda or so I thought When I said yes .........he told me he had an appt booked with Tiffany's on 5th Ave on the off chance !!! We went there and they had set up a room with more champagne and gave me a huge selection of rings to choose from. I picked the one he had picked himself but was afraid to buy in advance!!! It was amazing - love him to bits. :lvs Spent the rest of our hol on the rip in NY staring at my sparkler on the highest of highs. Ahhh I'm smiling away here - love remembering that day :-8