Protocol for Clearing Plates from Top Table

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Jojobean Posts: 185
Hi All Just wondering if anyone knows what the protocol is for clearing the plates from top table. A girl that works with my mam got married in our hotel a few weeks ago and just sent me some feedback on the day. One think she pointed out was that the waiters were trying to clear the bride and groom plates before the guests were finished. I remember being at my cousins wedding last year and her and her new husband walked around the tables during the meal as they were obviously served first and therefore finished first. So what I'm wondering is - is it the protocol that they clear the top table so the bride and groom can have a walkabout with their guests or was that just my cousins way of doing it???
Ellefun Posts: 1312
We were finished 1st by virtue that we were served 1st. Ergo, they cleared our table 1st. It wouldn't have even dawned on me, and still wouldn't, to worry about the order of which they actually clear the table. Just mingle as you and your OH want to. Don't stress the small stuff... The serving staff are led by you and what you want. You are the bride and groom and master of ceremonies for the day really. It will all fall into place.
Smiley13 Posts: 215
Protocol at any table is as follows: To start serving the head of the table first (in this case it will be the B&G). Waitress should drop/serve plate on the left hand side of the person. Empty plate should be picked up from the right hand side of the person. Table should be not cleared until the last person at the table is finished eating and their knife and fork is left on their plate. You'll be so busy enjoying yourself and mingling with everyone that this will be the least of your thoughts on the day though, so just sit back with a big glass of vino and enjoy every moment O:o)
Daisy Row Posts: 3650
Definitely wouldn't be worrying about protocol, whether you chose to mingle during courses is up to you and your OH. We didn't except for between dinner and desert when I had to use the ladies and got stopped on the way back! I just wanted to enjoy the meal with my new hubbie and when we weren't eating we were soaking in the atmosphere.
macanme Posts: 549
From a hotel manager's point of view I was always taught that you dod not lift anything from any table to the WHOLE roomahs finished eating its bad manners!!!! But on a more important note you shouldn't be worrying about this an you prob wont be worrying about this on the day you will be on cloud nine and mingling with your guests between courses is a great idea, so you will have it done an be able to enjoy urself and dance the night away :o)ll
Ellefun Posts: 1312
[quote:qqbyp8uf]Re: Protocol for Clearing Plates from Top Table Post by anniemac08 ยป 18 May 2012 08:56 From a hotel manager's point of view I was always taught that you dod not lift anything from any table to the WHOLE roomahs finished eating its bad manners!!!![/quote:qqbyp8uf] Hmm, I wouldn't agree with that. One thing I really hate is when the waiters/waitresses take ages to clear my place. I don't want the remnants of my food in front of me after I've posting.php?mode=reply&f=13&t=358134#finished eating. I'd think it was bad manners/service to wait to clear someones place until other people, people who were served after, are finished. Not everyone eats at the same rate... In theory you could have your ware in front of you for 10/20 minutes, or thereabouts. :hic
aishryan Posts: 28
I've worked in a 5 star hotel and the protocol is to serve top table first (B&G first on this table) and then everyone else afterwards. Likewise for clearning, clear top table first but always make sure to wait until each person at the table is finished before clearing. Dont worry about these things, such small details to be thinking about that wont matter on the day...the hotel will do whatever is the protocol in their training....most people dont even notice...