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Time For A Change Posts: 6885
I just thought I'd tell everyone in Wollieland of how proud I am of hubby! We're trying for a bambino(no news yet) and we went to the doctor to get checked out. He knew he was very overweight (32.5stone!) and he was told enough times by other doctors that he had to do something "or else", but I think it was because we're trying to start a family that it finally sank in. My doctor told him that if he didn't do something now,he'd be lucky to see his 40th birthday-he only turned 30 in April. She gave him a number for a crowd called Motivation Weight Loss Management-he joined up. He started with them in October/November last year and he's into his second "course" with them-they run for 20wks. He goes every Friday for a weigh-in and a one to one consultation. I'm happy to "report" that as of last Friday he has 1 pound to go to reach six stone mark!!! Within the first week he lost 8lbs!!! It sounds drastic to lose six stone but it's monitored and completely safe-especially when my doctor recommended it. Hubby has to get a whole new wardrobe because nothing fits him, he had oodles more energy and tonnes more confidence. We are going to a wedding in Spain in August and Motivation said he set a realistic goal of wanting to be able to walk down the beach with his top off - he hasn't done that in over 12yrs!!! So, YAY!!!!! to my hubby. :o)ll :xox :xxx
Mrs Summer Posts: 5040
Wow congrats to you DH, im sure it will be worth all his hard work :o)ll :o)ll
katgirl Posts: 1258
6 stone!! that is brilliant fair play to him and to you to for being there to support him, best of luck with starting your family O-O
ScarlettoHara Posts: 8442
WOW :o)ll Fair play to him it must have been tough going. Congrats to your hubbie, and congrats to you also for being so supportive
Mrs Rocket Posts: 1824
omg,that unreal,6 stone Well done him!
WinterWonderland Posts: 1242
Thats fantastic news for you both! Massive congrats to your hubby & best of good luck with your TTC :babydust: :babydust:
littlechick Posts: 758
Thats great news, well done hubby O-O
juicykay Posts: 124
YAY !!! to your hubbie!! thats fantastic news !!! Delighted for him and for you ! :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll
meeeeeow Posts: 1349
That is absolutely fantastic! Congrats to your hubby!! Best of luck with TTC xxx
mrswildrogue Posts: 1739
Congratulations, that's great. I'd say both you and your DH are delighted! Good luck with the TTC :wv