PRSI payments on Maternity leave

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MammyC Posts: 3621
Quick question re maternity pay! My employer is not paying me anything while I am on maternity leave, However should they continue to pay my PRSI as normal? I need to tell them to do this if needs be as we are a small company and dont have any HR department. Thanks ladies :thnk
contented Posts: 2625
I think you get PRSI Credits while on Mat Benefit but you should contact the tax office to be sure.
zoesmama Posts: 2774
You definitely get PRSI Credits while on Mat Leave & Parental Leave. While you are getting the State Mat Benefit (26 weeks) they will automatically give you the Credits but if you take unpaid Mat Leave (up to additional 16 weeks) at the end then after you go back to work your Employer needs to do a Letter to the Records Section of the Dept of Soc Welfare stating that you were on Unpaid Mat Leave from X date to Y date and asking that the PRSI Credits be attributed to you.