Psoriasis and Pregnancy

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Lilly* Posts: 153
Hi Ladies Im hoping someone can help me Im 7weeks pregnant on #2 and I suffer with psoriasis. On dd I took piriton and used aqueous cream and emulying ointment (sp) which helped keep it under control but this time nothing seems to be working and the itch and pain is jut unreal. O:| Has anyone any other suggestions on something I can use. Thanks in advance
sparklybabe Posts: 3353
ah hunits horrible isnt it. piriton is usually good too. you could try keeping the skin as mosterised as pos silcocks base when you shower is good also there are prodocts with porrige oats in them begining with a. you get them in all chemists/supermarkets cant think of the name though sorry. also put a cup of breadsoda and one of porrige oats into a bath it does help.
no 2 2013 Posts: 361
i find shower gels with shea butter in them brilliant, radox and oil of olay do them
Lilly* Posts: 153
Thanks for the replies ladies will give your suggestions a go
CountryLass Posts: 370
I've found pure aloe vera really good for cooling down the itch, but to be honest nothing has helped with the pain :(
Lilly* Posts: 153
Thanks Countrylass will try anything at this stage
wiggie Posts: 22
It's horrible, I find mine has gotten worse since i got pregnant.The product that sparklybabe is on about is very good, it's called aveeno, and there is a special one called aveeno dermexa for extra dry skin. It's about €13 (ish) a tube and is really good.
Lilly* Posts: 153
Thanks Wiggie, will go and get that, was talking to the guy from the chemist this morning and he said I would want to be careful as it looks like it could get infected very easily as its very red so at this stage will try anything.
shinpad Posts: 1
Hi Lilly, having used what seems like every treatment ever invented for psoriasis I have settled on just using emulsifying ointment or aqueous cream. It is SO important to moisturise. I always have some with me (in my bag, in the car, on my desk, beside the bed, in the bathroom!) and apply as soon as i feel it drying out. Also, the nurses in the derm dept in St Vincents told me to dissolve some silcocks or emulsifying ointment in boiling water (whisk it up) and add to a bath, don't have the water too hot in the bath. lather yourself in the stuff before you get in (stay in for about 15min) and when you get out and try to drip dry, don't wipe it off with a towel. i know it sounds like alot of hassle but you will get relief. Also, I know this is weird but I have been know to rub thick layers of cream on my elbows & legs (worst affected) and wrap cling film around them under my PJ's & go to bed, this really works well, feels weird but so worth it! Good Luck!