Pu-erh tea anyone?

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mum of 2 Posts: 271
Hi, Has anyone tried this to assist in weight loss? M :wv
sue27 Posts: 604
I'm drinking a few cups a day, I like the taste, but I'm not sure if it helps with weight loss. can't do any harm, I suppose :o0
Reecespieces Posts: 927
I tried it for about a month
big day \\\'08! Posts: 482
didnt really do anything 4 me
foxy bride Posts: 778
drink it every now and then along with nettle tea
Mrs Knockers Posts: 3514
I have a box on my desk - I did it for about a week & got fed up & stopped - maybe i'll give it another go!
wombats Posts: 665
I think there's something to it alrite, I'm back on it this week & found it shifted a stubborn 2 lbs...
mrsjun08 Posts: 2299
I drank it for about 3 weeks and lost half a stone. While drinking it I also ate very healthily. It said on the box about 6 cups a day so I think the reason I was eating so healthily was because I actually had no time for snacks with all the tea! I find the taste of it fairly gross though. I could stomach it but it was'nt exactly appealing IYKWIM
Kath07 Posts: 152
heard this tea is bad for ur thyroid (sp!). my sister went to a dietician and she told her to she could drink whatever she had left but try a different tea like green or nettle!!! dont know how true it is though