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maggie2009 Posts: 87
Hi Ladies, I am going public in the Rotunda, when do you book Antenatal classes? I have rang and left a mesg no reply yet. Would anyone recommend doing a private one/two day type course instead? Do you miss out not actually seeing the workings of the wards etc? First timer and have absolutely no experience with babies/kids, never fed a baby or changed a nappy. Need to get prepared and cut the risks of having a complete meltdown :o0
xxx1 Posts: 58
Biancee fiancee Posts: 907
Im 17 weeks and attending Rotunda private. I booked antenatal classes about 2 weeks ago. There are evening classes (150euro!) and Weekend class (200euro) So I asked about the free ones (midwife in private clinic told me about them) My first one will be in Jan and remaining 5 will be from 30 weeks on. They are held on a morning or an afternoon and are free of charge. I think i still have the number I rang so let me know if you haven't any joy getting through. Good luck!!
suitcase of hopes and dreams Posts: 2932
Am also attending the Rotunda semi-p but just finished the free antenatal class, they are grand not a bother, very informative.
Daff Posts: 11644
I'm SP in HS and did a day course in KNocklyon (got the details from HS - run by two midwives). FOund it really good, and a god send as I'm so exhusted now I can barely drive home from work let alone head into town for classes each week! Once I'd done the day course I rang HS and they've fitted me in to visit the wards - so don't worry about that bit, they were really nice. I'll just show up when they've a regular class doing the ward visit. They knew the midwive who did my class and were delighted to hear it went so well.
tilsun Posts: 4506
I'm also doing the public ones in Rotunda, couldn't justify paying for them. Was told to book them around 15/16 weeks. Just to add though that they said they are not showing people around the hospital at the moment because of swine flu risks, so you wouldn't miss that if you don't do them