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lucky27 Posts: 21
Hi, Can anyone tell me if you get a scan at your 1st app when you go public in Galway. Or can anyone tell me exactly what they do at the 1st ap in Galway. Thanks in advance
lovingmarriedlife Posts: 324
i don't know personally but a friend had her 1st appt & scan (public) at 18/19weeks HTH
nov09mum Posts: 15
Hi, I went public in Galway and I had a scan at my first visit which was at about 20 weeks. They also took all your information and I saw a consultant. After that I opted for the midwives clinic for my visits. I had my little girl there 3 months ago and I couldn't fault them at all, I found the care great. Hope that helps!
Chime Posts: 17
Hi, At the first appointment they take your medical history, do urine and blood tests, you see the consultant and get a scan (I was there for about 3 hours in total). I also opted to change over to the midwife clinic after my first appointment.
Roxanne Posts: 3201
I'm going public in Galway and my first appointment was around 18 weeks - it was as said Chimes said, with quite a detailed scan. We went for a private scan at 12 weeks at the Galway Clinic, as we just wanted to be sure everything was alright before telling people, which cost around 200 euro. The lateness of the first scan is the only criticism I would make about the public system, and to be honest, 200 euro is nothing compared to the cost of going private. I have been attending the Midwives' Clinic, and I can honestly say I have found them brilliant - listening to friends who went private and always feel rushed out the door by their consultant, I'm sure it was the right option for us. Best of luck with everything. :wv