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CHICKEN1 Posts: 224
I visited my doctor to confirm my pregnancy who advised going the private or semi private route in holes street why i dont know. From quite a lot of the general posts here a large number of girls have gone public there which seems extremely re assuring. It would be great if i could get some advice on the public route in holles street v the semi private private route?? Also she advised that I needed to contact the hospital myself is this normally the way or do they send a letter in first for you?? Finally when are you called from the first apt and do they scan you at this stage?? Sorry for all the questions all very new to me and exciting :wv
Barbersrock Posts: 131
Have PM'd you :wv
randomusername Posts: 2134
I attended the midwives clinic after initially starting out with semi private. The semi p clinic forgot about me and I didn't get an appointment sent to me, when I did get an app I was waiting for hours and then was barely seen by the consultant so after a meeting with the master in HS I changed to the midwives clinic. Personally I found them brilliant, I was so confident in their abilities and my mw never beat around the bush with me. She was straight honest and upfront and took her time with me every appointment going over all my questions and my past medical problems checking all was ok. I also had to see 2 specialists in the hospital and again both were brilliant. The follow up care I have received is second to none and I will definitely be going back if we're lucky enough to have more children
Fifi Trixibelle Posts: 472
I went public in Holles St and will defo be doing so again. Only the scan at 20 weeks, but we went and got one privately at 12 weeks, which was great. The waiting time isn't that long and I was always happy with the treatment I got. I absolutely recommend it. Your GP should do a letter for you, but I rang up myself to book in and then brought my GP letter with me to my first appointment, which was when I was about 15 weeks. Best of luck with your pregnancy