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Jeidi Posts: 3128
Quick Question I have my first app on friday afternoon at 2pm. Well its my first since changing from private to public. i've heard stories about there being loads of people with the same 2pm app and we have to sign a book and we are called according to the book. Is this true? And is it worth my while to turn up at 1:30 to sign the book early? Also, where's this book kept? I know the layout of the department, its the same as the colposcopy clinic. Thanks
Maybump Posts: 527
I'm not sure about Waterford but I had my first appointment in a hospital in Dublin. I'm going semi private so my appointment was at 1.45 however as it was my first one I'd to go through same as a public patient. The 15 minutes head start made a big difference. I was top of the queue for my history, blood tests and ultrasound. The queues after me where quite long as everyone was checking in at 2. So I recommend going a little while before your appointment. Hope this helps. [url=] [img:2ncuten8];16;96/st/20090426/dt/5/k/bc1a/preg.png[/img:2ncuten8] [/url]
gogglebox Posts: 910
I couldn't say for certain as I'm going privately myself, but I was up there today for an appt as I needed an extra scan at the main hospital and it was quite busy up there - I'd prepare yourself for the wait. I also had quite a wait at the booking clinic - did you wait long then? I'd say waiting is part of the course, but wouldn't know if turning up earlier would help or not.
justwaitin Posts: 2462
im going with the domino midwife in waterford, but i know the waiting times are very long if your going public i know my sil was waiting up to an hour on some occasions.
Avon Dee Posts: 155
I'm public in Waterford and I don't find the wait too long when I'm there. I've never had to sign a book ...haven;t a clue what thats about
arsenal09 Posts: 286
Hi Jedi, I know when u arrive you book in with receptionist and then called according to when u arrive, so prob good to arrive 15 mins early. My first booking in appt was 1.5 hour which wasnt too bad considering i had history, bloods and scan.
Jeidi Posts: 3128
I didnt actually have a booking in appointment as I was origianlly going private, and had to change to public (health insurance out by 2 weeks :() so this is my first public appointment. I'll arrive about 15 mins early and see what happens. Thanks everyone.
MrsJayKay Posts: 3025
[quote="mrs me":1t092t2i]I'm public in Waterford and I don't find the wait too long when I'm there. I've never had to sign a book ...haven;t a clue what thats about[/quote:1t092t2i] Same here.
sandym Posts: 774
I know what you mean. About 10 will have a 2pm, 10 more a 2.15 etc..When you arrive, if the secretary isn't there to take your name they leave a page and a pen on the desk so that when she comes back she can take out the files in order...a lot of ladies don't know that and just see no secretary, sit down and then when she comes back there's a stampede to the desk and you might have arrived before 5 other people but if they get to her first there's nothign you can look for the page on the desk when you get there if the secretary has gone for files etc..migth save you an hour in waiting time