Public of Private for First Baby

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NotHere Posts: 10273
Girls, opinions needed please, especially from the already mammies gang. My choices for having my baby are: Private: Costly but will mean I get a scan at 12wks Public: Won't get a scan until 20-22 weeks Now my doctor has assured me that we will always know the baby is ok because she will check the heartbeat when I am in with her. So if we go public, it should still show that the baby has a healthy heart and it also means that when we have the scan the baby should be very visible. With private, we get the reassurance of the scan at 12wks. Having never had a baby before I'm wondering if I should go with the comfort of private care or if I would get the same care as a public patient but without the earlier scan? Not sure what to do, all advice welcome :wv
NotHere Posts: 10273
Public OR Private :duh:
Lady Di Posts: 2487
I went private Flutterby and everything going well will this time round I'll go private I can only advise on private. I found it fantastic - I had a very troublesome 6 month pregnancy so was being scanned all the time. I have to say that if I went public I would really miss a scan at 12 week scan! I had fantastic care so wouldn't fault it for a second, but as I say I can only speak for private care....hope that helps!!
NotHere Posts: 10273
Thanks Lady Di :thnk BTW, its Mayo General Hospital where I'll be going if anyone has any experience from there :wv
Sphynx Posts: 6795
I know you would love a scan at 12 weeks honey but the most important thing really is the heartbeat and they can monitor that with a doppler without doing a scan. Last time around, I actually found hearing the heartbeat a lot more emotional and reassuring than the scan itself.
round two Posts: 1018
Sorry Flutterby, Don't know an awful lot about Mayo General. Have you any frineds that have had kids there that can give you advice..... What did the doctor suggest. My GP has been my GP all my life so I had a very frank conversation with him....... Let me know what you decide
grumpy Posts: 1280
I think we've come to rely on scans to prove everything is OK far too much these days. Its only something done relatively recently (my mother and dh's mother never had any as little as 25 years ago) and didn't we all get here OK :o0. If you would feel more comfortable getting an early scan, and thats your only reason for private, would you not consider just getting a private scan at 12 weeks? However, if you can afford it, and really would feel more comfortable with it, I say go private. I can only base it on my experience of Rotunda, but private is definitely more comfortable, waiting wise during pregnancy (less queues, nicer surroundings, nicer accommodation after birth).
NotHere Posts: 10273
Ok, I'm going to price up the private consultants, see what will be covered by the VHI and if it sounds feasible then I think I'll go private for the peace of mind. Decision will be made by the end of the week, will let ye know! I'm going to have to act like a top secret agent to make these phonecalls at work, wait til everyone is on break or something! :o0
mummy bear Posts: 3824
dont have any advice on Mayo general flutterby, but i would def chose private again if i was pg, had twins semi-private in rotunda and it was dreadful prob get shot for saying that,.. but there was no beds in s/p and thats the chance you have to take.. good luck with whatever you decide O-O
Baby cakes Posts: 1237
its the same suite for semi private and private in the rotunda, the lille suite, when u go private u run the risk of not getting a private room u would be in a four be room. ;o)