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Tedsters Posts: 1688
Mayo eh? a colleague of mine's wife is travelling from Dublin to Mayo to have her 3rd baby because she loved it there instead of Dublin. I will ask him for more info for you.
Baby cakes Posts: 1237
Would agree with Bibkay there, magicmum or eumom are great if you want to get info about specific hospitals, as I said it was the rotunda that I had exp with. :wv
NotHere Posts: 10273
[quote="Tedsters":1qbau61p]Mayo eh? a colleague of mine's wife is travelling from Dublin to Mayo to have her 3rd baby because she loved it there instead of Dublin. I will ask him for more info for you.[/quote:1qbau61p] Cheers Tedsters, that would be great! :wv And I think I'm signed up with magicmum girls, will post over there this evening, thanks for the tip!
Tedsters Posts: 1688
Just had a chat with colleague - realised then that I should have got some specific questions from you :-8 anyways he said that wifey was totally happy with Mayo General Hospital (it's in Castlebar right?). They had first two there and going for the third there too. Going public. There are approx 6 beds in the ward. The maternity unit is in the new part of the hospital and is clean. HTH, Ted
NotHere Posts: 10273
Thanks a mill Tedsters :thnk I've had family members who've had babies there so I have been in and out visiting. I just can't ask them yet! And my parents are away at the minute so even if I wanted to tell one of my sis-in-laws I still don't want them to know before my parents. So the decision will have to be made between myself and hubbie. Now that I think about it though, I'm pretty sure that one of my sister in laws went public after the first (she has 3 in total) because she said she was lonely in a ward on her own. I think semi-private could be the way to go.....
Ducky Posts: 2506
Flutter, I generally avoid these threads as I feel each to their own and that we can all be quick to judge. But you are a bit stressed, so I will add my tuppence-worth... Medically, you and the baby will always be looked after, either way. Location-wise, the busier the area and hospital, the more I would recommend going private. I am in Cork and heard some fairly hairy horror stories from public patients, balanced by excellent stories too, it must be said. Several times, I have heard of public patients being put to the bottom of the queue during labour for a bed, epidural, admission etc. I have heard of people waiting hours as all patients are called at same time for scans, visits etc. I have heard of overcrowded waiting rooms, where people have seen midwives in public areas and one woman who had to labour in a room with a addled woman who was handcuffed to a garda and screaming abuse like a banshee... But they are the horror stories and the exception to the rule. I went private for the following reasons: I wanted to see the same midwife and consultant each time and build a relationship with them. This has worked out great. I wanted a scan at every visit. I wanted to be seen on time, every time, at a time that suited me. Not once have I waited more than five mins past my time. As time went on, I appreciated the smart offices, lack of queues, parking outside the door and other little perks. Twice I had to go to hospital with scares and there is no denying it, once I was knows as a 'pp' of Dr ... I was immediately seen and looked after. It might not be fair, but that's the reality. I hope to have a private room but don't mind if I don't. I do like knowing that my consultant will be paged and will come running, should I need him. Maybe that makes me a snob. God knows, we can't afford it, but for my first pregnancy, I am glad I went private. My BF had three going public and thinks I am mad. Each to their own girl, only you and DH can decide. I didn't have the semi-private option, but it sounds interesting?
NotHere Posts: 10273
Oh ducky, you snob ;o) :o0 Thanks so much for the info hun, I rang the consultants office (see my panic thread) and I think I'm ready to book them, just need to talk to himself about the financial element of it. I think it will just be easier, first baby, not a clue what's going on or what will happen. I'd like that peace of mind, and like you said, I can build up a relationship with the consultant. Will let ye know what we decide :thnk
pluse Posts: 980
Hi flutterby i have 2 sons and both times i went public, i could not fault it at all the doctors and nurses were great help every step of the way, i got rushed into hospital on my second as i was getting very bad pains and i was only 5 months gone and was terrified, they rushed around me and made sure everything was fine, they kept and eye on me constantly and assured me that my baby was fine, they wouldnt let me home until they knew for sertain that he was fine. please god if i concieve again ill go public again.
NotHere Posts: 10273
Thanks Dee D :thnk I'm such a worrier though, I think private this time will suit me better. Stop me freaking out over everything :o0