Public on your 1st, same consultant on your 2nd?

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sparklie100 Posts: 191
Hi Girls, Just wondering about this... If I'm lucky enough to get pregnant again I'll be very happy to go public which I did on my first. But just wondering do you have the same consultant/team again? Same appointments day as before? I'll be attending Galway UCHG by the way... Thanks for the replies..
bobby2012 Posts: 644
I'm attending the Coombe in Dublin (3rd child), and in my case on my first visit I was asked if I wanted to keep the consultant I had on the previous pregnancy. I always said yes obviously because I was very happy with her, so my babies do have the same one. Days wise, they are not the same. This year she changed her days so I had to change my appointment days accordingly if I wanted her.
sparklie100 Posts: 191
Thanks a million for the reply bobby2012, very helpful. :wv