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Calla Lilly Posts: 183
Hey guys, Just trying to work out if I should go private or public with maternity..... I am with V.H.I, not sure what they cover etc. What are the pros and cons to both.....anything would be a great help!
Brideyz Posts: 380
Hi Calla Lily, Congratulations first of all!! I am public in Galway. I visited GP to confirm pregnancy and she got me to sign the Combined Care forms at that visit. I then got a letter from the HSE confirming which consultant I was under and giving me a date for my first hospital appointment - at 20 weeks. I visited my GP again at 12 weeks and at this stage the GP took bloods, tried to pick up the heartbeat with the doppler, checked blood pressure and checked urine. At the 20 week appointment I was scanned (and found out the gender - they will tell you if you want to know), then they take blood pressure and test urine again, measured my height and took a medical history. At that point I was asked whether or not I was intending to breastfeed and they went through the benefits of breastfeeding. This was all with the midwife. Then I was called to see a Dr who was not the consultant I was listed as under, who basically looked at my information and said come back again in 8 weeks time. My next visit was to my own GP again at 24 weeks where they just checked blood pressure, urine and measured the bump. Back again to the hospital at 28 weeks where I had a urine sample tested and blood pressure again, and another Dr who was not the consultant had me lie on one of those bed thingies and felt my bump. They were able to tell me at that point that the head was down and that I was measuring big for my dates. I'm back to my own GP again next week where I'm assuming it will be just urine and bP again, the hospital at 32 weeks, the GP at 34 weeks, the hospital aat 36 weeks and then GP or hospital once a week until baba arrives. Because I had previous miscarriages, I didn't qualify for the midwives clinic but its meant to be great too - you go to them instead of the Dr at the hospital appointments but will revert to the Dr's if anything out of the ordinary happens with your pregnancy. If you go private, you will always see the same gynae at all appointments and you won't be kept waiting (I have been early for appointments and have been in and out in an hour both times), you will get a private room IF THERE IS ONE AVAILABLE and your gynae will attend UNLESS THERE IS AN EMERGENCY with another patient that require's their presence. There is no semi private option in Galway. I have no experience with private so can't give an opinion there. From what I've read on here and elsewhere it looks like health insurance covers a certain amount of it but you will still probably end up paying 3k ish out of your own pocket. Certain policies do cover consultants costs but you would need a fairly high level of cover - if your work pays your VHI it may be covered so check your policy. If everything were covered by my health insurance I probably would go private just because I could. All of my own friends have gone public and they haven't a bad word to say about it. Most GP's will say that the care is the same. Best of luck!
Calla Lilly Posts: 183
Thank you so so so much Brideyz!! That is a fantastic help!!! Hope all is well with you....not too long to go for you now!