public or private in the CUMH

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Baby love Posts: 188
Is there much of a difference apart from the cost?!
Dreamster Posts: 6620
I went private and would again - the cumh is completely over it's capacity and public patients are suffering.
cbtb Posts: 413
I'm going public and cannot fault the treatment I have received. My GP told me not to bother going private as the care in public is excellent. I have had 5 scans, have seen a gynae 3 times so far. The waiting times can be long, 2 1/2 hours the longest I've had wait, but if you go private your gynae could be called away when you have an appt. The main difference is if private you see the same Dr on each visit, you may get a private room in the hospital and there will be a gynae at your birth. Its important to remember though that a private room isn't guaranteed and your gynae could be on holidays when you give birth so you will have whoever is covering for them. We decided this wasn't worth €3,500 and I have nothing but praise for the public system in CUMH. In relation to the hospital being over capacity, sometimes are busier than others. If you are a public patient in the labour ward you will not be thrown out because there is a private patient in labour. Good luck with whatever decision you make.
mumof2 Posts: 3864
[quote="Dreamster":3ao2r1h5]I went private and would again - the cumh is completely over it's capacity and public patients are suffering.[/quote:3ao2r1h5] I have to agree. I am not working and still think it is worth every penny so just booked to go private again For me it was worth every penny. A friend was pregnant the same time as me and she went public - the difference was huge, even she agreed.
jill80 Posts: 565
Sorry deleted, baby-brain has me writing in wrong section! :ooh
sienna13 Posts: 198
after much consideration im going public in CUMH, three of my friends went private they never got a private room and their gynaes were not there for the delivery, so im not forkin out 3500k on the off chance that i would get my own room when i will be only in there a few days anyway , my sil and another friend who went public had rooms to themelves up there, seems to be a first come first serve basis from what i can see, its not like before in the places like the Bons were you were guarenteed the private treatment, i'll see how i get on only another few weeks to go and i'll let ya know good or bad lol :wv
Baby love Posts: 188
thanks for all the replies. I have also heard that being public or private doesn't matter service wise. don't think i can justify the cost for very little difference. can you get a semi/ private room with vhi if you're public?
Doris Day Posts: 340
OMG! is it really 3,500Euro now!? Wow! Anyway when i was pregs and we went to book a private gynae we couldnt get anyone who was recommended to us as they were booked out so there was no way we were just going to pay over two grand to be assigned someone so we went public. It was the best decision ever!!! We met several diff consultants and thank god we didnt get the consultant we tried to initially book as i didnt like him one bit when i had him on one of my visits. If there is one consultant you want to stick with you can request to have him/her but i means that your wait may be longer. I got loads of scans/never had bad waiting times for appointments/ got free physio so spd and loads of other perks that we would have had to pay throught the nose for. I ended up in a public room which turned out to be brill (bar my dd being the one who kept everyone awake on her first night in the world!). You could end up in a private or semi private room depending on availablity at the time. DD was born in april and there was a baby boom so cumh was packed but i still could not fault their care and service (exept for bad bf advice which you'll get regardless of public or private) Good luck with your decision :wv
kala Posts: 1937
i went public this year in cumh and it was my 1st baby. couldn't fault it. anytime there was aything wrong/worried about i was told to come straight up to the emergency room. i ended up having an emergency c section and the care i got was unbelievable. money wasn't an issue with us and i'd go public again in the morning. think of what you could buy for baby with all that dosh. i'm constantly buying clothes or my little son and he is only 4 mths old and i don't feel one bit guilty about spending it either.also going public has enabled me to take unpaid maternity leave which i prob wouldn't do if i had went private so i'm not back to work til april.
hopingforsoon Posts: 1152
I discussed this with my own GP this evening, and she said that the public system is very good, however there would be more scans / check ups if you go private. We need to make the public / private decision soon, but I think I am going to start ringing the doctors the GP recommended tomorrow as she said that they are nearly all fully booked :eek