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eine Posts: 196
hi ladies i was just wondering if its better to go public or private? I rang up a gynae to c and she sid it would cost 2400 but i was just wondering what the benefits are? thanks
tinyfeet Posts: 3482
Hi eine, I am going public so I can only tell you that side of it! Back in Feb I had a miscarriage & I went to the CUH where they did an internal scan & confirmed the miscarriage. After that they did injections every week to make sure my pregnancy levels were dropping. The care was excellent, couldnt complain. This is what contributed to me deciding on going public when I got pregnant again. This time around, I got a scan at 8 weeks & another at 12 weeks when I also had an appointment with the booking clinic where the midwifes took my blood pressure, weight, checked urine, iron levels etc. In the CUH (presume it's the same in other hospitals) you are assigned to a consultant who has a team. It's mainly one of the team that you will see, ie the midwifes. I have an appointment today & I think I am going to be meeting the consultant but I dont know. Hopefully I will be having another scan today as well. Sorry if I'm rambling here but I suppose the main difference is when you go private you are guaranteed to get your scans, you are getting one on one individual care whereas when you're public you may not be seen/scanned by the same person every time. Also the waiting times wouldnt be as long with private. Just a matter of weighing up your options I suppose. HTH, Sorry for the long ramble!! :o0
tilsun Posts: 4506
I did a few searches on here to see how people felt. If you type Private into the search you'll find lots of info. I am going semi-P as it will cost about 1000 and that's as much as we can really afford right now. Haven't been to hospital yet so cannot say one way or another.
Toblerone Posts: 2698
Hi Eine, congrats, Not sure where you are based. I'm in Dublin and am attending Rotunda but the midwives clinic which means that I actually attend their clinic in Blanchardstown so don't have to go to the hospital at all for check ups. I have to say I love the arrangement. I see a midwife only and they will refer to clinic in the hospital if they have any issues. I also get to meet several of the midwives from the hospital so hopefully will know at least one of them by the time I need to deliver.I am doing combined care too so see the GP midwife who is just so lovely. I only had to go to the hospital for the 20wk scan and it was so busy and the wait :eek My three colleagues all went private and all thought it was worth it - then again all three had underlying medical issues so wanted to be with the consultant for all apts. The only thing they didn't like was that the 20wk scan was done by the same sonographers as public patients so they had to wait along with everyone else. There is also the semi-p option which can cost up to €1k - however, i've heard that they queues are just as long with semip as with public. :wv good luck
Arta1 Posts: 276
Hi Eine, Im going Private this time around. I went public on my first and didnt have a great experience, i was unlucky cause my son was premature so I spent a while in hospital. I went private on my second and I found it well worth the money. Have my first appoinment at 12 weeks and I see my consultant every appointment.
mathair01 Posts: 105
We're going private and so glad we did even though it is a lot of money. Its worth it for us coz we had a few concerns early pregnancy & our consultant has been great.
eine Posts: 196
hi girls thanks for all ur advice at the moment i have booked in for a private appt in drogheda.I will be just 12 weeks when i get to c the gynae.but my scan is not till the middle of oct is this normal it seems like a very long time away also is it posible to ask ur doctor to refer u for an early scan?
tilsun Posts: 4506
My friend went for first visit and a scan was not scheduled. She explained how nervous she is, no symptoms etc. They did a mini scan for her on the spot. Might be worth a try. Otherwise there are lots of private clinics, I'm going to Ultrasound Dimensions for a private early one
Elegance Posts: 2848
hi eine. i'm also going private. its a lot of money but we've weighed it up and feel that private is the right option for us right now. its our first baby, but second pg, as we've already had a mc. and the care we are getting from our consultant because of our history is amazing. we will have had 3 scans by the time we get to 11 weeks. i think we are paying all that extra for private for the peace of mind its giving dh and me. we feel we are in safe hands. having said that, i've heard some wonderful stories about public too.... i'm sure you will make the right decision for you and your dh :wv
Arta1 Posts: 276
I know from going private the last time my consultant did a mini scan each time I saw him then I had a two big scans. You will probably get a mini scan at your first appointment.