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phananta Posts: 330
I know there are a million posts on the public v private debate, and I've read them all, and we'd pretty much decided on private, having read little or no negative feedback. But then my friend told me that if you go private you get a scan every month for now, and then one every two weeks, then every week towards the end. That could actually sway me towards private, especially as I've already had a bit of scare and two scans already (I'm only 6 weeks) so I was just wondering if that's true?
Dairy Queen Posts: 3707
Depends on gynae, my gynae scanned me each time. But I have since talked to wols who went public and they seem to have gotten the same treament and loads of scans. There is a mid wife led unit out of St. Finbars. Same treatment as public, mid wife and obstetrition for appointments and they scan you also. Just far less queing. You will still have your baby in CUMH. Also my friends waters went at 34 weeks, she was breach. She laboured all day as her gynae was in clinics etc. and they wanted to wait for her to do the section. Had she been public the gynae on duty could have done it far earlier. There are pros and cons to it all.
neeov Posts: 4256
I get scanned at every visit. Its very very reassuring.
ellee Posts: 666
Me too, am public in cumh and have been scanned more times than I can count - hubby is worried about nuking the baby! :o0