Public v Private in Ballinasloe?

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ginger2 Posts: 275
hi I am trying to decide whether I will go public or private in Ballinasloe Hospital in Galway. Its my first pregnany and I have Health Insurance with Avia. I rang them today but I am still confused O:| If the consultants fees come to €3,200 for example and I have Aviva Business Plan select package how much do they pay and how much do I pay myself in total.. Any help would be gratefully appreciated.. GInger
marles Posts: 1397
I'm going private in Ballinasloe and I'm under the care of Dr.Naveed. I decided to go private for many reasons,this is my first pregnancy.I have Level 2 hospital,I still have to establish what I get. I will say Dr.Naveed is really lovely,my friend had Dr.Monahan (spelling) and he is very good as well.
carlie2012 Posts: 127
Hi Ginger2 I am public in Ballinasloe under Naveed ( very nice man) as well. This is my second and i could not fault the care i got first time round, i had my little man 8weeks early, just had midwives deliver me and then doc's from SCBU were on hand when he was born. I did see a doc when i was admitted that morning. I hear in a lot of cases a cons is only needed when there is a complication and there is always a cons on call 24hrs. I personally think it is a waste of money going private (its everyone personal choice) I really feel that public or private the welfare of you and baby is what matters and when it comes down to it it doesn't matter, they will look after you either way. I have loads of friends that have gone private and then gone public because they ended up not seeing their consultant as he/she was on hols or not in..... they were tad bit annoyed after paying 2-4k. (if you did decide to go private, make sure to ask when the cons is going on hols) Either way ginger you will be well looked after in ballinasloe, also at all my appointments i got a scan. i know in galway when public you only get about 2. This is one reason why some people go private to get a scan each time, so that is a bonus with ballinasloe Best of luck with your decision and wishing you a happy pregnancy :)
lcarrick Posts: 1639
i'm going public under dr naveed too!! was just there today for my 12 week appointment. everything went great, personally i think its a waste of money, its not as if the docs arent gonna look after ya? but thats just me! each to their own! have to say i found all the nurses/mid wives/consultants great today!
jaimee Posts: 228
im going public under Dr. Brassil. He's really nice and every appt so far i've had a scan. No complaints so far. A friend of mine is private under Dr. Monaghan and is due any day now and already she's saying the next time she's going public! Agree with the above though, would prefer to spend the money on babs rather than going private.hth
brunette Posts: 234
Hi, I went private with Dr Monaghan on first baby. He was there on the day and came when midwives felt I needed some help and delivered my little girl safely with ventouse method. Sooo painful but no episiotomy or tearing so I was very thankful. We paid him his fee, think he is 2800 and I got just over 800 back from Quinn. Stayed the three nights in a private room but if its really busy you might not get the room for every night.I couldnt fault the care we got from start to finish from everyone. I had an epidural also (which wore off at delivery stage but that was my fault) and the anaethetist fee is covered by the consultants fees. Hope this helps. Your insurance provider will explain what your cover entitles you to.
deem Posts: 710
I am going private to Ballinasloe, its my second, first was born there under Dr Monaghan, though he was on holidays at time, DD was born nearly 4 weeks early. I couldn't fault hospital or staff while I was there first time, which is why I want to do it all exactly the same, DR M fees were 2000 at time, but I know its more this time, though not exactly sure how, much, only paid 1500 as dr not at delivery and due to missed appoints as dd early. The amount repaid by my policy under quinn is €400 for outpatients consultancy fees, though I also think the excess is €400. Its not much point in paying for private insurance and going public