Public v's Private (maternity care)

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poppy1 Posts: 596
Hey Girls Plan to start trying after we get married. Do you have to decide straight away whether you want to go public or private? I have bupa cover but i've heard that doesnt cover much?? Can anyone give me advice, thanks
Mrs Peg Posts: 1778
Hi Poppy1, Usually when you go to the docs for confirmation that you're pregnant, you'd need to know by then which way you wanted to go. So no harm in thinking about it beforehand I suppose, so you know about your options and have an idea what you'd prefer. Not 100% sure on bupa (depends on what cover you have - you should check out their website and see what they provide for the option you have) but for the most part going public is free, semi-private is pretty much covered with standard policies and then with private you'd be covered for a portion of it and would have to pay the rest (which could be up to several thousand). I think that's about right! As I say, best to check with bupa directly to see what you're covered for. Best of luck with it all!
clucky Posts: 26471
I would stay public to be honest. With private you are not guaranteed a private room so why pay the extra for something you may not get - I went public and was in a ward with 5 other women and it was great. One of the ladies was mother of 11 and she was able to help me at night as I was totally freaked out!! That was in the Coombe though - now i Live in Mullingar and when we do get pg again I hope to travel to Dublin and will go public again. Highly recommend it.
marie1 Posts: 27
As far as I know if you go private (with health insurance) you should expect to pay about anything from €1600 to €2500; private health insurance usually cover for the hospital stay and any medical care you need while you are an in-patient (you are not guaranteed private room as they maybe none available when you go in. Private health insurance only cover part (very litte about €200) of the consultants fee (out-patient); the consultants fees vary depending on consultant and part of the country; my friend just got a bill for €1800. that is my understanding of it anyway - hope this helps. I'm sure if you ring any of the insurance companies they will let you know. Best of luck. :D marie.
Octoberbabe Posts: 36
I went semi private on both my prgs and would recommend it. Got a semi-p room on my first and actually got a private room on my second as they weren't busy and had a few to spare. VHI cover all of the costs for semi-private for a 3 night stay for a vaginal birth and a 5 night stay for a section. Consultants and aneasthetists (sp) are also covered. My bill for number 1 was around 2000 - fully covered, and for number had gone up slightly to about 2350 - also fully covered. All the health insurers have different policies though, so just ring whoever you are with and check what exactly they cover.
[email protected] Posts: 492
Hi Poppy, Health Insurance covers only a percentage of your private fees but you also claim back any fees that arn't covered by Bupa on your tax returns. Like the girls said you don't get a private room and there is no guarantee that your consultant will be there when you birth. The only thing is though if you need a forceps/ vacunm delivery or a CS your consultant will be there and you'll have your relationship developed with him. Good luck with your decision. CG