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Mahal Posts: 86
Really dunno wat to do - went private with my first & i'm now pregnant again & dunno whether to go Private or Public. Fees are 3k which we have but neither of our jobs are 100% safe (along with the rest of the country). MIL thinks i'm mad to pay out that kind of money. Just feel that if i went private with my first then i sud give my next child the same!! Any advice??
RJR Posts: 962
I don't think it'll make a great deal of difference TBH - I went SP on my first and despite paying SP fees I only ever saw the same consultant twice - I wasn't even told my original consultant had left I found out from another mum2be. A midwife delivered DD and I didn't see a consultant the whole time I was there - and the midwife and the rest of the team were excellent, far better bedside manner then the consultants during the antenatal care I was taken to a public ward after DD was born as it was busy and the only difference was there were more beds (8) and meals were served on a table in the middle of the room. I think it's nice if you can afford it, especially on your first as you're generally in for longer, but on your second you could be out within hours of the birth, so you're only really paying for the private consultant...
nextstep Posts: 21
I'm going private for this pregnancy (1st) but don't think i'll bother next time - just don't think it's worth the money really and think you get the same level of care regardless. The only think i liked about going private was the chance of a room to myself - I wonder can you just pay for this separately as a public patient? Good luck with your decision, as pp said, for the 2nd pregnancy it'll probably be a lot quicker and straightforward and u know what's in store more or less.
Moet for me Posts: 1841
I went private on my first and public on my second. I wanted a VBAC and I was better off going public to get one. Over all I had a better experience public and I would definitely be happy to go public again. To be honest in my experience a good experience in the maternity system is down to the individuals you meet on the day. This time around i met only fantastic hard working people whom I felt had only my best intersts at heart, the last time there were a few duds dragging down the other fantastic people I met.
Thumbelina Posts: 2340
I went private on my 1st & will be going private again on this pregnancy. 1st scan booked for when I'll be 8 weeks so pg all will be well. I couldn't fault the care & attention I got from my consultant & his team last time & am expecting the same this time!!!
Arta1 Posts: 276
I went public on my 1st, private on my second and im going private again. In my experience the private care was worth the money compared to public but I think I was particularly unlucky with my experience of public care. My labour was really quick on my last pregnancy which has really concerned me this time round as Im not that near the hospital and my consultant is arranging to bring me in early to avoid any complications, so from that point you get your moneys worth.
short n sweet Posts: 1802
I went public on DD and will be going public again in June PG = had considered SP but I think that there was plenty we could spend €500 on for the baby - TBH in HS there is very little difference between SP & Public as far as I can see - I was in a 6 bedded room with only 5 beds occupied and my cousin who went SP was also in a 5 bedded room - I am not sure how long the waiting times are as I used a satellite clinic. GP actually said to me yesterday that obstectics (sp) is one of the only areas in medical world where there is little difference in the care you receive whether public or private -
Joleigh Posts: 4242
Either way they have to deliver your baby with the best care and attention! I cant see how paying more can get you a better delivery. I'm going public and so far I've been treated so well, havent a bad word to say about the system and if I had all the money in the world I dont see how I could get treated any better. I'll let you know if I still feel the same after the birth :o0
ellee Posts: 666
I went public too and care was fantastic. Did find the ward tough going, 6 women and their babies can be kinda loud! V busy place obviously. Also was in for 6 nights in total so was a bit head wrecking. Still, will go public again (please gd!) as I reckon the private fees are a LOT to pay when the main differences in care are the private room and nicer meals! If you really wanted to go private I'd say somewhere like the Mt Carmel is where you'd really get the queenly treatment *) But as regards the medical care, rest assured, you get fantastic care in the public system. Seems to be the one part of our health system that is really working fantasticly well. One thing I am going to investigate next time round is the poss of an early discharge if I hire a private maternity nurse or mw for a few days to do the checks at home (am outside the catchment area for this at mo). I HATED being in hospital. Think they might be open to this and surely it wouldn't cost any more than going private?
mammybean Posts: 10364
i went public on both my pregnacies. to be honest i couldnt afford private and even if i could i wouldnt pay it anyway. myself and SIL were due four weeks apart we were both public under the same consultant. i had no problems thank god bt she had ITP, she saw consultant every 1-2 weeks and i saw another doctor usually he same one every 2 weeks. the only time i saw consultant was when at 35 weeks was having irregular contractions he kept me in but left me out next day. anyway a huge thing i have noticed on this site in the last few days is that some people were saying their public wards are 8 beds sp 4 beds and i presume private is 1?? but here in waterford public is 4 beds SP is 2 and private is 1. so by going public here in waterford is the equivilent of SP elsewhere. madness