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2010Mrs Posts: 991
Hi all Know this topic has been prob done to death, Ive done forum searches and googled but Im none the wiser... we are trying to decide which one to go with. What is the difference between both for those who have experience (I know the cost!!!) Any help would be greatfully appreciated.. :lvs :lvs :lvs :lvs
MrsMommy Posts: 1112
I'm private in the Coombe. I couldn't be happier with the level of care and attention I have received up until now. I have a great relationship with my consultant as does my Husband. Each appointment is on time, and each time I've had any queries (two vomiting bugs among a few worries) he was only a phone call away. I get scanned at each visit which was a big thing for me, and I had the growth scan at 32 weeks which I personally feel is important. My consultant charges €4000, and that includes the anomaly scan at 20 weeks. Some charge €3,900 but you pay €160 for that scan. I feel lots of people love to speak negatively about going private, saying it's a waste of money etc and that the public system is fine. A lot people think going private is about getting your own room which of course isn't a guarantee, and for me that really isn't the case. For me going private was about continuity of care, scheduled appointments, scanning, knowing the person who will be there in the delivery room, and fix me back up afterward. Best of luck with your decision.
littlesugarloaf Posts: 2000
Hey there, here's my two cents. Am sure I'm going to offend someone but sure what the hell Fom what I've heard and read there's really no medical needto see a consultant (and to pay all that money to see a consultant) for every visit during your pregnancy but it is nice to have that relationship, as Mrsbabybump was saying. However, the public system can be incredibly busy and there could be a lot of waiting around. it's good to know that the standard of care that you will get when you go to have your baby will be the same whether or not you go public or private. What you are paying for to go fully private is (a) the consultant's time for the visits and the delivery and (b) the private room after you have your baby. Living in Dublin, there's the option of going semi-private which is what I chose. It's €1200 at the Rotunda and I go to the private clinic for my appointments and meet with a midwife and a registrar or other member of the consultants team. I'm never waiting long and it's a nice waiting room with only a few other people in it. I know I may not get a semi-private room (with three or four beds) straight away after having my baby, but I should get one eventually. I'm a first time mum and I think I'd like the option of staying the full three days in the hospital if I feel that's what I want. If I was in a public ward in a room with a lot of people in it, that might make me want to go home before I actually felt ready to. You may not have that option of semi-private where you live so that might be of no help to you. If you don't have to borrow the money or it won't influence how much unpaid maternity leave you can take, I would say go private if it's not going to bankrupt you. But if it's going to be a big financial strain, then go public. There's lots of different opinions out there, and lots of valid arguments for both. Mrsbabybump above makes a good case for going private - I would have done if we could've afforded it but SP was our only option. Best of luck with your pregnancy whatever you decide.
CestMoi Posts: 2162
I can see where MrsMayBump is coming from, and I suppose it is down to personal preference and affordability. For us we felt that we were happy to go with the public system and didn't want to spend the money on a consultant I wasn't in Dublin though and I got to go to a midwife clinic instead of having my appointments in the hospital. So maybe if your near to a hospital that has the midwife clinics it might be the route to go. I had a midwife at my delivery and was very happy with the care I got. It can be the case that your consultant isn't available when you do go into labour. I'm going public again this time anyway, unfortunately the midwife clinic has been closed, so I have to attend the hospital for appointments now. I have some experience of this from the scan and 39/40 week appointments from last time. All I can do is arrive early and be ready to wait. It is time off work is the way I see it so I just get on with it.
ructions Posts: 2689
It's really down to personal preference. Same as MrsBabyBump, I wanted scheduled appointments and to be seen on time every time. The job I do doesn't allow for long waiting times at a hospital. Some public patients are lucky not to wait too long at appointments but I know more who did have to wait ages. I built a good relationship with my consultant and she knew the kind of birth I was aiming for. I had my own room and bathroom too and that was a big plus for me, it's not essential for some but it was something that was important to me. DH could visit at any time and stay as long as he wanted. The nurses were great at making visitors wait outside if I was feeding DS, was tricky at the start! I also wanted a consultant to do any stitches I needed. A few of my friends had babies around the same time as me and had very different experiences. If we have another one I'd definitely go private again.
blueboots Posts: 833
I went public on my first and am going public again this time. For my appointments i always ask the receptionist for a 9am appointment and i am never left waiting. So far so good- touch wood. When i had DS i was VERY lucky to get a private room both nights. I know this is the exception rather than the rule but still i was delighted. I know plenty who have gone private and still didnt get a private room.
MrsMtoB Posts: 1212
I went public in the rotunda and was very happy with it. You get assigned to a team and so see the same doctors on every visit. The consultant was there too so I had the option of seeing him everytime if I wanted. For my appointments there could be up to 8 doctors on so I was never waiting more than an hour. Also had 2 anomaly scans, a mini scan at each appointment and a glucose test at 28wks. I did combined care with the GP. Honestly can't fault it. I preferred to have the midwife delivering than the doctors but there are doctors around 24/7, if you need to see a doctor or consultant you won't be left waiting. We had the option to go private but I genuinely couldn't see the benefits aside from short waiting times and maybe a private room. I think it's a massive waste of money and the money is better off spent on the baby when it arrives :)
ciaraella Posts: 5323
For me a big factor in your decision is if there is a combined care/domino scheme in the hospital you're attending, this will dramactially reduce waiting times as you will attend a midwife clinic and not have to travel into the hospital. For me, i did combined care with the coombe and never waited for an appointment, i was seen on time and had all my apts between my gp and tallaght hospital. Waiting times seems to be a big reason why people go private. For me (just my opinion) i think it's madness to go private if you can avail of a midwife led scheme. You may deal with a consultant all the way through your pregnancy but in general it's the midwives who take care of you through labour and deliver your baby. If you get into difficulties you'll get a doctor no matter if you're public or private. Some people prefer private rooms and that's their choice but bottom line you could opay thousands and if there's no private room available at the time you'll be on a ward. Personally i liked being on a ward, i think i would have been lonely in a room on my own and it was great being able to talk to other mammies, espcially more experienced mammies. You'll get alot of arguments for public and for private so you'll have to decide what is best for you, congrats and best of luck with the pregnancy!
MrsPositive Posts: 1548
Im going private and my sister is going public, just the choice we made. She was disappointed with just meeting a midwife at her first scan and the fact that it was so rushed along with the waiting time. I think its ridiculous to say that people who go private want a private room after the baby is born, christ we're not that stupid to think that we're spending 3k on a room for 2 nights. Personally I feel its up to everyone themselves, I feel this is my first baby and I want to go private, when i know whats ahead of me for our next baby Please God I may chose to go public but its the fear of the unknown, I like the thought of getting lots of regular scans of meeting my consultant at every or most visits and building up a relationship with her. I dont like people saying its a complete waste of money, as its up to that person themselves what they chose to do. I think alot of people associate going private with snobbery and thats not true. My husband didnt want me to go private initially but now hes delighted as he can see the benefits of meeting a consultant every time plus we'll get back money on med 1 and VHI so we're happy to do that. Go with your gut feeling OP and make your own decisions. Believe me you will get several opinions on here but they're only other peoples. Im sure either going public or private will work out great. I ve never heard of anyone going private that was sorry they went private and equally people who go public say its the same thing so horses for courses. Enjoy your pregnancy and may it be a healthy one for you xxxxxxxx :thnk
gemggem Posts: 270
I didn't have a great experience of the public system, had a serious medical condition that wasnt picked up until 26wks at that stage things were so serious that our little man was born at 26+3 & weighed 1lb 13ozs at birth, I spent 2 wks in hospital following the birth and another 3 days in hospital 3 months later following surgery, if I ever got pregnant again I wud def go private! I know things get missed but a doc said on the qt that of I had gone private or if the public system was not so stretched this condition wud have bn picked up!