Pubs or Clubs Near Shelbourne Park Racing Track

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Hawaiian Posts: 308
Hi I was just wondering if anyone had any names of nice clubs or late bars for after a hens at Shelbourne Park Dpg Racing
Maggiore Posts: 87
Howl of the Moon is not far, and it has four floors of different music. The Gasworks Bar is also nearby, but I think that doesn't stay open that late anymore.
b2bsept09 Posts: 73
hi im from the area dont go to gaswroks trust me no dj any more and no one in the bar as said in other post howl at th emoon u could also head up to baggot st waterloo have late bar and dj or searson also if u wanted from the 51 bar to searson is a few bars so could do a crawl as in the 51 smyths wellington waterloo searsons and pick the best! only an idea! enjoy so u know that u can get sizzler tickets for the dogs these are 15.00 adn u get in to the dogs programme nuggets & chips euro bet and 2 euro for the bar its handy as its all pre bought tickets hope this helps O-O
Mrs080808 Posts: 1569
b2bSept09 - Where do you get the sizzler tickets? My sister is going to Shelbourne on Saturday night for her boyfriends birthday. We've been there a few times and never heard of these tickets
b2bsept09 Posts: 73
hey you have to ring and pre book them so not sure if u will get them now for sat nite but we do it when its someones bday dont think u can buy one but u can buy i think the min is 8 hope this helps! O-O :wv
Mrs080808 Posts: 1569
Thanks for that O-O