Pulsar TENS Machine - Anyone used it?

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sillymammy Posts: 47
Hi Ladies Just wondering if anyone has used this one, I've heard it's the best one to go for. Did you find it was a help? Also wondering if anyone knows how much they are to buy or rent and where from? I'm in Galway area... Thanks
Princess09 Posts: 821
I've just googled it on here, heard about it today, recommended by a midwife, didn't consider a tens machine before but now def think I'll rent this one. Anyone any feedback on this machine? :thnk
Herself Posts: 131
Hi I would recommend this. It definitely helped me in my labour. I got to nine cms with it. It didn't take the pain away altogether but helped me cope. After the tens I went on gas and air which was great for the pain. Hope that helps. :wv
sillymammy Posts: 47