Purchasing Invitations for next year????

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cherrypop Posts: 93
Hi All, Just a quick question. How far in advance can you purchase your invitations? Our wedding is not for another 18 months, is it too soon to buy now? Thanks all :thnk
Tinkerbella Posts: 167
I would say that its to early to buy them now - unless you have a definate wedding theme/colours in mind. After all you might change you mind on colours over the next 18 months. :wv
gottabfp Posts: 5641
i bought mine about six months ago, just wanted to get some things paid for first. dont think its to early at all. mine were quiet cheap though so if something did happen it would not be the end of the world/
smurfmurf Posts: 4
can anyone reccomend a website for invites that won't break the bank???!!! Thanks!!!
MrsMOnAMission Posts: 376
If you can get a good deal I'd say go for it...one less thing to pay for/think about closer to the wedding
onlineweddinginvites Posts: 9
Hi Smurfmurf, if you're looking for something a little different I specialist in email wedding invitations at competitive prices. You can find samples on my website
CestMoi Posts: 2162
If you have the times and all details finalised, as well as the numbers on your guest list, I would say go for it. I have 6 months to go and haven't bought them yet!