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jemima1 Posts: 4
I have been hunting for a dress since xmas, and can't find the "one". I have heard that Purple peach design Fab dresses. Does anyone know if they have a website, or are there any pictures of their dresses :(
clucky Posts: 26471
don't know if they have a website but have seen their dresses in some wedding magazines FAB is not the word they are divine
jemima1 Posts: 4
have you seen them in any mag's recently... I am desperate to get hold of a couple of pic's!!!!! I have only seen Diva and Les Fleurs both of which are devine... pretty pricey though!!!
GerGra Posts: 6
You're best bet is to ring and make an appointment (042-9748244, Ballybay). They don't have a website and they don't appear too often in bridal mags, so its hard to see examples of their work. If you go over to see them, you'll get the chance to see some of their dresses and have a look through their catalogue. By booking an appointment, you're under no obligation to get your dress made by them. Having said that, they're so lovely to deal with its hard to walk away.
? Posts: 610
I guarantee you'll enjoy your visit even if you decide not to chose one of their dresses. And they really don't pressure you or anything. I wore Le Fleur (in red & ivory)and enjoyed every minute of it :) It also can be made in a black and ivory or in a light pink and ivory. I'll be putting a 10 out of 10 for them on Peg's site :wink:
jemima1 Posts: 4
I went to see Jacinta at Purple Peach last Friday, and have fallen in love with all of her dresses!!! The design she has come up with for me is Fab!!!! so that's one more thing off my to do list. My next problem is that the dress will with shades of pink (sounds vile / looks lovely) - so what to put the Bmaid in???????????????????