Purple Shoes for BM??

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luckylass1 Posts: 477
Cant find any nice purple shoes for BM, checked out usual shops here in Dublin but nothing...Debenhams, Barratts, Korkys, Dune ect. Anyone know of any nice shoe shops that might even deliver to Ireland? Looking for cadbury purple court shoes or maybe sandals
DaphneDoo Posts: 120
I was at a wedding in Feb and the bridesmaids had lovely purple shoes on, I'll find out where they got them and let you know.
mrsoriordan Posts: 846
In the same boat as you. Found fabulous one's on the next website. Ordered one to check colour and they were perfect. Went back the other day to order the other 2....sold out :( So back to square one.
luckylass1 Posts: 477
These are the only ones I have come across...but the search continues, if you find anything let me know!!
zeus Posts: 553
Recently bought purple peep-toe Susst shoes. They are suede and patent IYKWIM - really gorgeous. Try & find stockists of Susst - you might be lucky O-O
dancerformoney Posts: 2733
im looking for purple shoes for myself and its next to impossible!! there are a few on ebay.co.uk, lovely ones with diamonte on toe part, but they 4inches. i would get them for myself but would be crippled in them!! have tried on a lovely pair in office, let me have quick look for link.
MrsWorldcupbride Posts: 268
Saw some lovely ones in Pamela Scott cos my ma is looking for purple shoes! hth!!
dancerformoney Posts: 2733
tried these ones on but my feet are 2 wide for them!!
mobmar Posts: 642
I have bought from lkbennett online and had them delivered to Lk in Dundrum S.C. They also have a shop in Arnotts.
sugarandspice Posts: 2378
i thought debenhams had some nice ones, not a very high heel. and a good price