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mooky Posts: 1501
Hi MoetForMe Was your car seat base an Isofix one? I'm planning on getting the isofix base which I believe you dont need to use seat belts on it.
wifee07 Posts: 353
Noli, having been a big fan of the m&p's pramette, (i didn't buy it n d end!) Just to let you know, the pramette came down in the sale in june I think to 450, with car seat, so don't go rushing into buying your pram/buggy just yet. Wait til the sales, you won't believe how much some stuff comes down. Have a look around all the pram shops n have a good idea of what you want ie weight, forward facing seat, can baby lie flat. Theres loads of different stuff out there. You might even see something else you like. My sister said don't bother with a pram just get the mclaren and one of the shops I was looking in said the same thing, most second time parents are wiser and realise the mclaren is the only man for the job! light weight, folds small and fairly nippy round the shops!!