Put if Off - Demotivation Thread (f*ck exclamation mark)

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hestia Posts: 2368
Those clothes piled upstairs that'll qualify me for a Channel 4 documentary by the weekend. Stay there. The job application giving me the evil eye from the corner of this screen. "Please state your reasons for wanting this job" Answer so far: "1." That e-mail inviting me to a hen party with a 1920s flapper theme. Unanswered. It gives me eyelash cramp. Another packet of Rivita lies unopened next to the other unopened packet of Rivita. Use by October 2011. I just discovered this yesterday. Oh well. Planning permission needed for anti-gravity direction of hair. Wait till its grows as far as next door and they can deal with it. You? Have a cuppa before you answer.
SookieStackhouse Posts: 3135
Uh everything. House is a tip, usually having work every morning is my excuse to myself for leaving it that way. Off for next 2 days with sick DD so can't use that excuse, will now have to go and clean the kids bedrooms, the horror. I love the thought of a 20's theme hen night! The thought of it anyway, if I had to go to one I would probably think differently.
Maybethisyear13 Posts: 992
The mountain of ironing in the spare room......one day. The even bigger mountain of washing that needs to be done...while I attempt to wear clothes I haven't worn in years as everything else is dirty..... The en suite bathroom that is slowly turning into a biohazard......after my exams The whole house needs not just a clean but an in depth, hyper sterile, on your knees and scrub clean....after my exams The new plants that I bought 2 weeks ago and are still being battered by the wind and rain in their Tesco pots...after my exams The exercise plan that I need to adopt or I am in fear of bursting my trousers and going to that size I never said I would go to...after my exams The low fat, low carb, highly boring diet that I need to adopt for same reasons as above....after my exams Apparently when my exams are done I will be a domestic Goddess who looks like a Supermodel! For now.........I'd like a large quarter pounder with cheese meal, a tub of rescue remedy and a maid.
Time For A Change Posts: 6885
Where do I start...... Dryer is broken, so the pile of bedclothes that STILL need to be brought to the laundrette-don't worry, we have a tonne of bedlinen The unloved clothes that are crying out to be brought to the local charity shop The wardrobe clearout that's been top of the To List for........I can't/won't admit how long :-8 Gettin' my ass on the exercise bike or even the cross-trainer, to help get rid of the thunder thighs.
Ellefun Posts: 1312
Put off killing me colleague. Her 1st response to me mentioning I'm booking time off is "Oh I won't be here..." Eh? I don't remember asking and I got in there 1st e-mailing the boss. I won't miss free tickets to an Olympic event and free gaff in London because you didn't bother e-mailing when you knew you were away. Anyway, that what temps are for. I won't lose sleep over it. Mrs Negativity always tries to knock the shine off things!
Smileykaz Posts: 7296
THe shower calling me. Yes, it's 2pm and I'm still in my PJs. And I'm goign to the in-laws this afternoon so really need to get ready. My husband asked me to be ready when he got here (in about an hour) cos he has work to do this evening and wants to visit them and come home so he wants me to be ready to go. And I swore I'd be ready. But I still have to shower, dress, stick on some make-up and do yesterday's dishes, which I also volunteered to do. Will just WOL a bit first.
Ellefun Posts: 1312
My eyebows almost growing into my eyes... Meh, they can wait.
lolabelle Posts: 3311
Writing a response....
hestia Posts: 2368
That's the stuff wimmin. As a wise philospher by the name of Homer once opined..trying is the first step to failure. And what does failure equal? (cups ear in anticipation)
Smileykaz Posts: 7296
[quote="hestia":5k10duxp]That's the stuff wimmin. As a wise philospher by the name of Homer once opined..trying is the first step to failure. And what does failure equal? (cups ear in anticipation)[/quote:5k10duxp] Failure equals...ah...sure I can't remember. *eats another Kitkat*