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Mumaholic Posts: 833
Just wondering if your baby was breech in the last few weeks, can the likes of raspberry leaf tea, evening primrose oil, etc to prepare uterus and cervix etc for labour be of any benefit or did you just accept that you'll most likely have a section and not bother with any of the above?? Im just over 35 weeks and not sure what to do!! Do I just accept that ill probably have to be sectioned cos baby is bum down now since 28 weeks or so that i know of. OR do I start on the raspberry leaf tea etc on the off chance that the baby turns at the last minute? In the middle of a 10 night run of burning moxa sticks in a bid to turn him/her but so far no joy! What would/did ye do?? :wv
HappyMum2010 Posts: 431
I could be wrong here but i don't think the remedies above are associated with turning a breach baby- i think the possible ways to turn him/her are moxibustin therapy, and getting down on all fours (scrubbing floors position). Best of luck! BTW i think they can still turn up to labour :thnk
Mumaholic Posts: 833
Thanks for your response Laois.. dont think i explained myself correctly there!! We're tryin the moxabustion thing at the min to turn the baba.. But you know the way people take raspberry leaf tea to tone uterus and epo to ripex cervix.....my question is it it worth my while getting all those things when at over 35 weeks my baby is still breech?? Prob could still hope for a vaginal birth i suppose, they cant do any harm anyway can they?
HappyMum2010 Posts: 431
Oh my bad i mustn't have read it right- sorry! I'm as new to all this as you but i'm thinking the rasberry leaf would still be beneficial to help the womb contract quicker after the birth?
stephnyc Posts: 414
hiya.. my baby was breech, but i still did the things recommended for a vaginal delivery (in case she turned!).. i reckoned it couldnt do any harm.. but along with moxa & listening to hypnosis to turn breech etc, that gave me about 10 different things to do a day! lucky i was on mat leave & had no other kids to look after!! my baby stayed breech & i ended up with a ssection.. but i was still glad i did most of it in case she had turned
Idina Posts: 1289
My bay is lying transverse breech at the moment. My doc told me bouncing on a swiss ball would help! Haven't started yet but must this weekend! :-8