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blushing b2b Posts: 288
For an expectants mothers living in UK can you tell me the procedure for being referred to hospital for scan??? On my last visit to doc she said she would do what she needed to do with regards to hospital and midwife. She never said what i needed to do next and i suppose i didnt ask. The thing is i am a little over 10 weeks pregnant so should be due my first scan in next few weeks and havent heard anything form hospital i am being referred to. Am hoping someone here can shed some light on what normally happens. I will pop into doc surgery in the next few days to enquire there also but any advice in advancewould be appreciated
happyvibes Posts: 331
I live in Scotland so tis probably the same up here but to be honest I have no idea yet - let me know though if you find out!
blushing b2b Posts: 288
looking at websites like nhsdirect and a few others they all say that GP will arrange appointments. i guess the only way i will find out for sure is by going into local doc surgery and asking.........
lamb nose Posts: 679
blushing b2b Posts: 288
Thank you lamb nose i guess i am just worried because i have not heard anything and am worried that maybe i should have made the appointments with midwife etc. Hopefully i will get it sorted this week I see from you ticker you have only 1 week to go...........best of luck - hope everything goes well for you
gbirishgirl Posts: 246
Hi there, The way it happened with me was I went to doc to confirm pregnancy who arranged everything from there on in. Within a couple of weeks I got my card for free dental and prescriptions and then following that, a letter for my first scan which was about week 13 as far as I remember. All I had to do from first appointment was tell the GP which hospital I wanted to go to and that was it... Hope that helps!
luigi Posts: 867
Hiya In some N.I hospitals you dont get a 12 week scan- I got an early scan as I crashed my car but otherwise I wouldnt have. I think its the same as certain areas in England too. We didnt get the 12 week, but got a 36 week instead. Went to doc as soon as I found out then was referred to midwives for the dreaded 6 blood-tests and the results of those were given at my first proper scan at 17 weeks. Thgis had been arranged by my community midwife and the appointment arrived in the post.
blushing b2b Posts: 288
thanks for all your replies girls. I found out last night that i should have got a letter from midwives associated with doctor surgery by now but not neccessarily from hospital yet. How i came to find this out is my friend told me she is pregnant last night - due a day or 2 after me!!!!!!!!! She went to the same doctors surgery as me around the same time as me and she has had her letter from midwives but i dont think she has got her scan appointment yet. Its amazing yet scary how we went to different docs at the same surgery who told us both different things!!!!!!! Anyways - it has answered my question for me - i should have received something by now so i will be calling into the surgery on my way home from work this evening