Q re:bringing home baby

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december29 Posts: 395
just wondering what you are going to put your newborn in when bringing them home from hospital. I remember with DS we put him in a snowsuit but surely it is too warm for a snowsuit at this time of year? Just curious to see what everyone else is doing. thanks
AA11 Posts: 313
DS was a July baby and we brought him home in a vest and babygro, a cardigan, a hat and a blanket over him. I don't think I had to put a coat/snowsuit on him until we got into September as I always had a blanket over him. That said, the hospital had an underground carpark so he was only actually fully outside for the few feet from the car to the door of the house..but I don't think I'd have dressed him any different.....
sapphire09 Posts: 393
I've just packed a vest, babygro, cardigan, hat, mittens and blankets for baby coming home. Am sure that'll be enough and can add more blankets or take off layers if it's too warm......
december29 Posts: 395
thanks for the reply sapphire09. Thats what i was thinking of doing. Must throw in a few blankets into the hospital bag! Thanks again
Sphynx Posts: 6795
Planning on putting baby in a vest, babygro with hat and either a little jacket or cardie depending on the weather. And will have a snuggly blanket to hand also! No way I'd put them in a snowsuit if it's as hot as today.