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ciaraella Posts: 5323
Hi all, hoping to bf and i'm just wondering about clothes, i don't want to spend a fortune on special nursing tops whether i bf or not, any tips on the best style of stuff to get and where to get it? I'm sure in the early days it'll be mainly pj's and i'll be at home anyway so it won't matter so much but i'm a bit clueless after that Thanks!
Perci Posts: 3847
Might be better posting this in Mums & Kids for user knowlege but I think I'm going to buy a Bebe au Lait nursing cover. I don't want to be buying loads of stuff of either. I didn't get to BF my other 2 though so I'm not much help! Actually, I'm going to see if anyone has used it over there...
ciaraella Posts: 5323
Thanks perci, just posted in m&k too, i'll check out nursing covers. It'll be winter so i'm sure things like scarves and cardigans will help too
Twitser Posts: 6
Hi - i bought a few b/f'ing tops but found them pretty useless. instead what i did was i bought a few v cheap string tops - loose ones in dunnes and wore them under every top i had. Then when i wanted to feed i would lift up my normal top and could pull down the string vest and i was totally covered. hard to explain but worked really well. by the end i was so discreet people often had no idea i was feeding my baby at all - just thought i was holding him. its funny b/feeding is the most natural thing in the world (and i can't wait to do it this time again - it really is so lovely) but i still used to feel a little stressed at feeding in public. rightly or wrongly thats how i felt initially. by the end though, i was a dab hand and as i said i got to the point where really no one could see a thing. good luck xx
ciaraella Posts: 5323
Thanks for all the tips everyone, i'm going to a bf ante natal class and there's a bf group in my health centre which is only a few minutes from my house so hopefully i'll pick up some tips there too
pag Posts: 633
I found string vests and cardigans were easiest thing to wear. I got two Boob tops with long sleeves when I got bored of vests. They were my uniform for ages. In my case I had fairly small boobs even when milk just came in so it was easy for me to just pull down vest and pop DD on. Friends who had bigger boobs found it was easier to lift up their tops and feel LO that way. They would just pull cardigan or scarf around belly or wear belly band to cover tummy. At home in the first few weeks I wore vest tops with fleece cardigan from marks and pjs or yoga pants. I think we all found that the covers just drew attention to you rather than hide feeding baby. but thy said you do find quickly enough what way works for you.
ciaraella Posts: 5323
[quote="pag":28bc3fnx] I think we all found that the covers just drew attention to you rather than hide feeding baby. but thy said you do find quickly enough what way works for you.[/quote:28bc3fnx] I was thinking that pag, the nursing covers i've looked at seem huge and more likely to attract attention!
pag Posts: 633
A coloured pashmina or scarf might be better option but as I said you will fin what works for you. I remember feeding DD in feeding room in blanch and then met friend for coffee. DD started looking for food again and I had no choice but to just feed her in the middle of cafe- we worked out our method fairly quickly.
MeSB Posts: 3785
pigeonwife Posts: 3789
There are some nice nursing clothes on this site at reasonable prices; http://www.mamaway.co.uk/