Q re preparing bottle feeds

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Chukles Posts: 672
Hi I wonder can someone share their routine for making up bottle feeds? My understanding is the bottles are sterlised from the night b4 or maybe first thing in morn i am not sure - so in the morn you empty kettle fill it with fresh water boil it and leave it to cool for 30 mins Then when you have the water ready remove equipment from sterliser and fill the required amount of bottles for the day using the cooled boiled water. Do you then put on the lids and teats and leave them on counter top or fridge until you require them so all you need do then is add the formula to the prepared water and shake it up? so at night when you are going to bed you have one left and that is the one you prepare for the middle of the night feed? Sorry my q's seem so silly but i want to be sure i know exactly what the best way to do it is :-8
neeov Posts: 4256
I think they recommend not making up bottles in advance now. this means you have to boil the water, wait for it to cool a bit and prepare the feeds before each feed. I doubt many people actually go through this though.
fxfor3 Posts: 2347
Hi chuckles, What you have said is perfect just leave the water in the bottle then add the formula when its required. This is making them fresh before each feed. I however on dd made up all my bottles including formula and left them in the fridge until i needed them and before going to bed i made up some bottles for the night time. They do say not to make them up in advance but plenty do and i found no problems with it.
Yoda Posts: 3340
You can take the bottles out of the sterliser, once the lid is on the bottle the teat is sterlised I make up a bottle one at a time before a feed, I cool the bottle down by standing it in water takes less then 10 minutes instead of waiting the 30 mins for the water to cool and then adding the formula My neighbour thinks I am mad making one bottle at a time as she is used to making the bottles in advance and leaving them in the fridge, she then uses the microwave to heat them but I don't want to chance the microwave as it is recommended not to do that in case of heat spots in the bottle Also what's the difference in heating a bottle from the fridge to room temp and cooling a freshly made bottle down to room temp !
tanyababy. Posts: 511
I found rollercoaster website very good for information like this. http://www.rollercoaster.ie/new_baby/fe ... ntents.asp I have printed out all the instructions so am ready to go if I do decide to bottle feed (which I think I will)
problemchild Posts: 196
I was in a mother and baby clinic this morning and this came up in conversation. Anyway, the midwife in the clinic had totally the opposite to say than what we were told in the antenatal classes. So, I'm choosing to disregard the midwife today. With a 3 week old baby, who's thriving, this is what i do. Sterilise the bottles, I do it whenever I have the bottles to fill the steriliser, am or pm. Using fresh water from the kettle, boiled for a half an hour at least, fill the bottles to the required amount. Put on the teats and caps on the bottles and store on the counter until required. Add the formula when baby is due for feed. This means the bottles are at room temp. What the midwife said today was store the bottles in the fridge and then heat them for baby. This will involve heating every bottle when the child needs it. As in the antenatal classes, the baby is not use to a hot bottle and therefore is happy with what its been given. Hope this makes sense. :wv
obbride Posts: 111
the public health nurse in Carlow gives leaflets now where they don't recommend adding the milk powder and storing in the fridge, basically you boil the fresh water, leave it cool, pour into sterlised bottles with teeths etc. and then you can leave the bottles or bring them anywhere. just before feeding you add the milk. this means milk never goes sour or off until you add it to water so much handier and safer. my sil finds it handy when you are on the move, water won't go sour in bottles in a normal bag, and you can get these plastic milk powder dispensers that hold exact amount of scoops of powder that you need, so you can have it premeasured for when your out and about and just put the powder in before a feed. they are def. in mothercare and most chemists.
Yoda Posts: 3340
When out and about I just use the tetra pack So many slants on it, no wonder everyone is confused :o0
SuzyC Posts: 335
I'll probably be shot for this but I didnt sterilise anything for either of my boys, I breast feed only for the first couple months and then breast milk from bottles if I was out. The dishwasher is good at sterilising bottles and I used to run teats under boiling water. My eldest never had a day sick untill he went to creche and got the odd sniffle which he passed on to his younger brother.
allexcitednow Posts: 654
'I make up a bottle one at a time before a feed, I cool the bottle down by standing it in water takes less then 10 minutes instead of waiting the 30 mins for the water to cool and then adding the formula ' The whole point of boiling the water and allowing it to cool is that at full boiling temp the heat will distroy some of the nourishment of the formula, but after 30mins cooling it is cool enough not to do this but still hot enought to distroy any germs that may be in the formula (I stress may is it is packed in a sterile environment, however, there may be some on the knife or scoop that you use). Also allowing the water to cool fully and then adding the formula kills germs in the water but not any that may be in the formula (also on the unsteralised knife and scoop that you use). That is why is says on the pack/tin to follow the directions!!!