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blondiechick Posts: 1641
Hi Girls, I just ordered a doppler on Ana Wiz Ltd. (recommendation of another Wollie). Just wondering if you think they are a good thing? What if some day I can’t hear the heartbeat…I am afraid it will send me into a panic. I am kind of regretting buying one now!!!! I heard the heartbeat over a week ago on my GP’s doppler so I figured if she could do it, then so can I? Anyone have a doppler and if so, have you found it more a help than a hindrance? I am half thinking of just selling it on…I’m scared it will freak me out!! But then part of me wants to keep it coz I know it might reassure me between scans!!!
Crostini Posts: 1105
ah they are great. suprised ur doc was able to pick the heartbeat up this early! i used mine lots at the beginning, it's great for bonding with babs. we'd wake up in the morning and Dh would say, oooh lets have a listen *) he was better at finding it that i was! defo worth it. plus i had a small bit of bleeding at 14 weeks. rang doc and he said to come in staright away next morning and he'd send me for a scan. as soon as i got home, i stuck on doppler and heard heartbeat nice and strong. mentioned this to doc when i went in the next morning and he said 'ah thats great, no need to send for a scan so! all was fine. so they have their uses!
blondiechick Posts: 1641
Ah that's great to hear firstforus! I am glad it reassured you when you needed it. yeah it was early for my gp to hear the heartbeat...I was only 12 weeks gone when she did it. I am wondering if I am actually further along than I think...I have a really big bump now. My mum thinks I am going to have twins it's that big and my sister in law commented on how big my bump is too.
wed2008 Posts: 258
blondie-chick, I think they are great - I got mine a few weeks ago and it really is a god send. I have had 2 previous m/c and since 12 weeks I haven't been feeling that sick and haven't got a bump yet only a thicker waist band so sometimes panic thinking there is something wrong and I simply have a quick listen to ease my mind. There was only 1 occasion where I couldn't find it but I was rushing:- You do be surprised at how low down babs is actually lying.
Bananas28 Posts: 51
Hi Blondie_Chick. I was thinking about ordering one of these myself. I was just looking on that ana wiz website there...which one did you order? I wonder would they be alot better than some of the cheaper ones like the Angelsounds one? Anyone have any recommendations?
medea49 Posts: 324
I bought an angel sounds one, and used it regularly between 11-20 weeks (until I started feeling movement, then it didn't really seem necessary anymore!) If you can deal with the fact that you might not hear anything occasionally, and wouldn't get upset about this, then go ahead and use it-- but I'm not sure if it sounds like you fall into that category! That being said, I found it was great and very calming to listen to the baby, especially when you don't have many other signs that you're pregnant. Hubby loved it too. And what made the difference for me was using good quality headphones, not the kind that come with the unit. :wv
tilsun Posts: 4506
I have not got one so this is not from personal experience. But my friend recommended me not to get one as when she was pregnant she bought one but often could not hear heartbeat and used to be so scared. In the end he hubby made her get rid of it as it was causing so much stress. I suspect I fall into the same category so much as I'd love to hear it every morning as one poster said, I suspect I'd be hours late for work as I'd refuse to go until I'd found it. Maybe some devices are better than others for picking up the heartbeat
Gingham Posts: 3014
I bought the angelsounds doppler at about 11 weeks... Couldnt hear a heartbeat until about 13 weeks. It was the best purchase i made.....I didnt feel movement until 20 weeks so it was really reassuring being able to use the doppler....I dont use it as much now as i feel loads of kicks and all sorts everyday but around 20-26 weeks when baby has quiet days..it was brilliant!!
Beaubelle Posts: 741
Hi Blondie chick, I bought the angelsounds one and was able to hear heartbeat from 11 weeks on. Though some days it was hit and miss... I still would definitely recommend it, if you can persuade yourself that sometimes you will have difficulty finding the heartbeat, especially in the earlier days. For me it was DEFINITELY the right decision to get one because I am neurotic and was worrying that I wasn't pregnant.... Didn't really get any pregnancy symptoms. Haven't used it much lately because I feel babs move regularly now, but I really found it a godsend earlier on. Oh and just to let you know, I still can't hear anything with my doppler unless I use some sort of gel with it. Not sure about the one you are using, but if it mentions gel in the instructions as being optional like it does with angelsounds, I wouldn't waste your time without it! Good luck with whatever you decide! :lvs
blondiechick Posts: 1641
Bananas28, I bought the bebe200 doppler...it was £79 excluding postage. It was on the recommendation of another Wollie who said it was great. For £79 it would want to be! Thanks girls for all the replies....I will see how I get on with it. I do scare easily so I am dreading if I don't find the heartbeat myself. However, I do have a scan next week, so hopefully it will have arrived before then. Thanks again, B_C