Qualify for maternity benefit?

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raglan Posts: 83
Hi , Last few days have been sussing out about maternity benefit. I qualify based on 2008 contributions but have only had a few days work in the past year since been made redundant in 2009, worked fulltime for 12 years previously. Apparently you have to be in insurable employment within 16 weeks of due date to qualify for state pay. O:| I may be able to get a few days work in this time but its not guaranteed. Is anyone in same boat or has been in the past? What did you do?
marriedLife Posts: 1881
The same thing happened to my sister. She got a parttime job in Dunnes while she was pregnant just so as she could get her maternity leave - ring citizens advice and ask them they will be able to tell you exactly what you need to do to ensure you can get maternity benefit Sorry not knocking working parttime in Dunnes at all :-8 It's just my sister was a project manager in a large IT company with 15 years experience so she was well over qualified for Dunnes (sorry defo don't mean to offend anyone) - I just wanted to get across to point that to ensure she got her maternity benefit after being made redundant she took whatever she got regardless of the job matching her qualifications iykwim? And she just did the minimum of hours up until when she had to - to ensure she got her maternity benefit because she had paid PRSI and PAYE for 15 years and defo wanted to make sure in times when she was hard up and needed the money more than ever she got what she considered she was entitled to - i.e. maternity benefit
raglan Posts: 83
thanks for reply. Yes, those are my feelings exactly and I'm on lookout for work as this is the time when I will most need financial help and don't want to be looking for jobs when baby arrives for a few months at least.
Mamaboom Posts: 2094
I'm also on the lookout, I was made redundant too and at the moment I won't qualify.