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gillette Posts: 1803
Hoping either a wollie or a wollie's OH can help me. Long story short - we're renting the basement floor of a three story (old) house. Landlord assures us there are separate water tanks for each floor. We're in an area where there's been serious water rationing for three weeks now but we're meant to get a full supply during the day so that when it's cut off at night, we still have enough water to get by. After the water shortages kicked in, major airlocks developed in some of the pipes. After alot of resistance, the landlord finally agreed to call a plumber and they were fixed (if the landlord were paying a mortgage on the place, I'd have slightly more sympathy for him but he inherited it so the three apartments are bringing in lots of money and yet he insists on doing all the work around the place himself - badly). Anyway, no sooner than they were fixed but they went again. We've had no cold tap in the bathroom for weeks now, the washing machine worked once after the air lock was fixed but it won't work now. And then over the weekend, the loo started taking a good two hours to fill. And yet the taps in the kitchen work fine as does the dishwasher. So I'd be really grateful if someone could tell me if this is a plumbing issue (as I think) or if its a pressure issue (like DH thinks). We can't keep bringing our clothes to the laundry/our parents but at the same time, our lease is up for renewal and we want to stay on a few months as we hope to buy by the end of the year so we don't want to give the landlord a reason not to renew the lease. Any ideas? (and sorry it's so long, i'm just so frustrated at this point that all someone has to do is say 'water' and i go off on one)
marianf Posts: 5845
I am guessing, but maybe its a burst pipe. If it was the pressure then I would imagine that as long as only tap was being used at a time you'd have water. It's just if you had the washing machine on and tried to use the shower or something that the pressure would drop. A real guess...............
gillette Posts: 1803
Thanks Marianf, that could make sense alright in that water could be getting into the tank but not into the mains........I'm off on a work trip overnight so at least I'll be staying somewhere with water and lots of it! If it's not fixed when I get back tomorrow, I'm getting on to the Council again. That was the only way I convinced the landlord the last time that I wasn't being fláithulach and that we really did need a plumber!