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summer days Posts: 112
I wonder if there is anyone who can help me? I have decided to attend the regional hospital maternity in Limerick as a public patient (under the advise of my doctor). So far the care I have received has been great and at my 12-13 week scan earlier this week I found the care excellent and the appointment was really quick. I saw the consultant who informed me that as all seemed fine that he would be referring me to the midwives station and that I would only see him again if there was any problems. I have no problems at all with this but they made my next appointment for the middle of October (I will be 32 weeks) and my next scan for the week after (at 33 weeks). I am just wondering if this is normal? I know that I have to see my GP at 20 weeks but that's it. Are there no scans offered between the weeks of 13 to 33? i just thought that it was an awful long time! Any advice appreciated!
kas Posts: 105
hi i went public on both mine only had scan at 20 weeks had one more on my first at 3o something weeks just to check placenta. I would get onto the hospital for you 20 week scan. this is the scan where the baby is not to big or too small. i'd ring and enquire about a 20 week scan and if they say no says you eant one. best of luck
Trish07 Posts: 506
Hi Summerdays, Im also going public in limerick and Im afraid that what you said is right. I had my first app at 12 weeks, next hospital app at 28 weeks and next scan at 31weeks. They have so many patients in limerick that they do not do a 20week anomaly scan which is a bit worrying. I did go to my gp at 16,20 and 24 weeks so check your white card that you were given at the hospital and there should be a comment from the doc saying how many weeks til next doc visit, I had 4,8,12 on mine for gp and 16 for midwives clinic.
jellybaby Posts: 2316
I'm attending WRH as a public patient (also on the midwives scheme). I had a scan at 9 weeks, and my next scan is at 21 weeks. That's it on the scans though. My cousin is due about a week before me, and is attending as a private patient. She had a scan at 10 weeks, and another at just over 20 weeks, and that's it for her too, so in the hospital here it makes no difference if you're private or public. Although in some parts of the country you do get more scans when you go privately. If your hospital can't offer you a scan earlier than 33 weeks, could you book a private scan somewhere? It would be worth the money for the peace of mind....
summer days Posts: 112
hi guys, thanks for the tips and I will check my white card to see when I should visit the GP. As Jellybelly suggested I think it would put my mind at rest if I was to pay for a private scan. Does anyone know if you can pay for a private scan in Limerick, or is there anywhere in Limerick where you can do a 3D scan?
charli Posts: 5994
summer days i was private in limerick, my friend was public in the maternity, what you have said is correct, however if you have any tiny hiccups or slightly worrying problems you will be booked for a scan immediately - obviously you don't want any complications but at least if there is the tiniest thing they will refer you and that is good to know - they are very thorough. i had high BP from 29 weeks and my scans went as follows 14 weeks (a bit later but was the first appt with Consultant that was free) didn't see Cons. just GP every 4 weeks or so 26 weeks ( check up with Consultant & scan) 33 weeks (high BP, therefore scan) 35 weeks (high BP, scan) 37 weeks (high BP, scan) then i was booked for an induction cos BP was still slightly high. only difference in care i believe is that the Consultant booked me for an induction at 38 weeks cos of the BP but i had never ever been unwell.headaches.dizziness.swollen with the BP which are some of the symptoms and the baby was fine. i feel if i was public (like my friend) i probably would have had to stay in hospital to reduce the BP and not have been induced so early.
nettie07 Posts: 293
hi there, snap jellybean, im due in december and im also on the domino scheme in wrh ,good luck. i had a scan at 12 weeks and will have one at 20 something weeks. i dont think its good enough to lieave so log between scans, im sure if you made a fuss about it you would get one before then.
jessica Posts: 118
I can't believe that you only get 2 scans here.. :shock: I was working in a radiography clinic for a while in back home (Australia) and pregnant women there got scanned at 8, 16, 24, & 32 weeks at the minimum (Public or Private). I would be so sceptical of the doctors finding anything out about the baby if they only did 2 scans. Apparently some genetic defects can be found by the shape of the brain at 16 weeks. (I have been told that it should look like a peanut - from the radiologist). Suppose I will either have to get used to is when baby comes along, or pay out the extra cash for my own piece of mind.