Query for Dublin girls plz??

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thefairytree Posts: 354
Hi ladies, Myself and oh love the program 'The Zoo' thats on rte and since we havent been since children we want to visit and make a night out of it so I was wondering what hotels would be close to the zoo and which would be the best ?? Thanks :thnk
Shooting Star Posts: 83
Hi :wv Any of the hotels in town would be close enough to be honest, also The Castleknock Hotel and Country Club would be close enough too and it's a lovely hotel think they have some really good deals at the moment too I'd recommend there, they're only 5/10 minute drive from the Phoenix Park! Enjoy O-O
Kaycee Posts: 2107
maldron in smithfield is good value too and close to the park
thefairytree Posts: 354
Thanks a million shootingstar and kaycee ill look them up now :thnk :thnk
Cudsxxx Posts: 208
The ashling is walking distance and I hear that it is really nice since it was renovated. The lobby is lovely anyway.
islandlil Posts: 1059
the ashling and the hilton kilmainham are both very close to the zoo and within walking distance (20-30 mins). :wv
LeonardandPenny Posts: 2684
The aisling hotel is lovely and is only 5/10mins max walk to the zoo and 3min walk from hueston also the hilton would be about 20 min walk, maldron hotel in smithfield would be 20min walk also. Enjoy the zoo its great now.